BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – Auntie Anne’s – FREE Birthday Pretzel

Free Birthday Pretzel

Free Birthday Stuff Pretzel

Is there such a thing as a Birthday Cake flavored pretzel with sprinkles?

Get on that Auntie Anne!

Sign up for FREE to become a V.I.P. (Very Important Pretzel-Lover) and you will get exclusive, FREE Pretzel Perks!

For your birthday you will also get a FREE Pretzel!  It’s actually a BOGO FREE Pretzel.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!  A Pepperoni Pretzel with Cheese! YUM!

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12 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – Auntie Anne’s – FREE Birthday Pretzel”

  1. Note…this is a buy one get one free offer for a pretzel. I believe it used to be totally free but is now b1g1

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