BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – Real Seafood Co. – FREE Birthday Meal and FREE Birthday Dessert – FREE Seafood Dinner for your Birthday


Free Birthday Real Seafood

The Real Seafood Co. is a somewhat regional chain that offers an EXTRAORDINARY FREE Birthday offer!

This is from their web site –

Enjoy this birthday discount on the day of your actual birthday!  Birthday Meal Deal is a discount based on the number of guests in your party; for example 1-2 people dining receive a 50% discount, 3 people dining 33% discount, 4 people dining 25% discount, and so on.  Offer only available on your birthday with valid identification – driver’s license for adults and birth certificate for children.  Offer only extends to the food portion of your bill (tax, gratuity and alcohol are excluded). Discount limit is up to 50% off total food portion of bill.  Not valid with any other promotion, offer or discount.”

Read More details on their web site or call (888) 456-DINE.

So, in a round about way it is buy one get one FREE entrees for your birthday.

They also said that you get a FREE Birthday Dessert.

There are Real Seafood Co. locations is Ann Arbor, Michigan, Toledo, Ohio, and Naples, Florida.

The FREE Birthday discount is also valid at several other restaurants owned by the same company in Toledo, OH;  Charleston, WV;  Ann Arbor, MI;  Ft. Myers, FL; and Annapolis, MD.  Find a list of all the restaurants here.

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4 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – Real Seafood Co. – FREE Birthday Meal and FREE Birthday Dessert – FREE Seafood Dinner for your Birthday”

  1. Am I supposed to bring a voucher for my birthday dinner? (February 8th) If so, how do I get one.
    Thanks, Susan
    PS My husband, Stephen, also has a birthday on Oct 3rd. We both signed up fo the birthday dinner on the internet.

  2. There is no discount!

    I showed up on my birthday. I had an id which no one would look at. They overcharged me for the two meals I ordered.

  3. Joan – I have dined at Real Seafood Co. several times for my birthday and they have always taken care of this. Did you go on the actual date of your birthday to one of the locations listed?FreebieTim

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