Free Birthday Makeup

Free Birthday Makeup

Join the FREE Smashbox Pretty Points Rewards Program and get a FREE Gift Set on for your birthday that appears to include a FREE transparent bag, a FREE Lip product and a FREE make up compact.

This offer was changed to be valid with a $35 purchase.

According to Smashbox the FREE Birthday gift offering changes over time and according to availability. Please be assured that as a registered Pretty Points Rewards member you will receive an email during your birthday month with the current gift.

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8 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY FREEBIE – Smashbox”

  1. This Smashbox offer is great, but the fine print at the bottom of the page next to the asterisk says “*With any $35 purchase.” Just a heads up that this is not completely free.

  2. I agree with Cynthia from her January comment…I got my email 2 weeks ago for a free full size tube of mascara (awesome!!) HOWEVER, must spend $35 to get birthday offer!!


  3. A free gift is nice because that makes me want to spend money at that store. But if I have to spend $35 up front to get a “free” gift, it’s not free. It’s not like Smashbox is hurting financially.

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