Freebie Depot Featured in Leslie’s Lane: The Book!


WOW!  How cool is this?

Leslie Royal is a professional freelance writer and blogger.  Her blog, Leslie’s Lane, is informational, educational, and inspirational.

Leslie’s Lane provides practical assistance in the area of jobs, discounts, free stuff, scholarships, internships, travel, and a wealth of other information that individuals find helpful in their daily lives.

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Freebie Depot featured on HubSpot Blogs for Massive List of Birthday Freebies! Weirdest and Best Things You Can Get for FREE

Freebie Depot BDay Freebies on HubSpot Blogs

The 12 Weirdest (and Best) Things You Can Get for Free, posted on HubSpot Blogs, says that “Freebie Depot has a massive list of the brands that will wish you a happy birthday with a free present from their product lines.”

The article also features other great freebies and the places to get them.  It’s a MUST READ for Freebie Lovers!



Thanks for the shout out HubSpot Blogs!


Free Birthday Promotions     Free Birthday Freebie App From Freebie Depot

Freebie Depot Featured in Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart Magazine


How excited am I to be highlighted in the July 2015 Issue of Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart magazine as their go-to source for FREE Birthday Stuff?

It’s an official seal of approval from Your guide to the best deals!

ShopSmart suggests that you “Sign up for [birthday] freebies well in advance of your birthday to clean up on your special day,” by referring to our daily-updated listing of over 700 birthday freebie offers.

Free Birthday Promotions   Free Birthday Freebie App From Freebie Depot

I couldn’t agree more!  Sign up for as many offers as you can.  The earlier, the better.  There are so many offers that you will most likely need to chart a course of action for your celebratory freebie bonanza!

Thanks for the shout out ShopSmart!


Freebie Depot in the News


Freebie Depot – A Huffington Post Best Website for Scoring Freebies

I am very honored to be included with the likes of Woman Freebies,, All You, Lifehacker and Cardpool as one on Huffington Post’s Huff Post Money Best Websites for Scoring Freebies!

What an honor!

Thanks Huff Post!




Freebie Depot is one of the Best Money Savings Blogs! YEAH!

All You Magazine is great!  It is loaded with coupons and money saving tips.  It has become a leading source for frugal tips and money saving advice.

So, I was honored to learn that Freebie Depot is included in their rating of The 21 Best Bloggers to Follow to Help You Save Money This Year!

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