FREE AFTER REBATE – Goggle, Blinds & Picture Hanging Kit at Menards – Exp 11/7/15


There are several new FREE After Rebate items available from Menards through 11/7/15 in their BIG Sale flyer.

FREE Intercrown Light Filtering Vinyl Mini Blind 23″x 42″ – LIMIT 4 – $3 Value Each

FREE Instant Power Safety Goggles – LIMIT 2 – $2.97 Value Each

FREE 100-Piece Picture Hanger Assortment – LIMIT 2 – $2.99 Value Each

Menards rebates are EASY!  They print out a rebate receipt with your regular receipt when you pay.  It will print the rebate number right at the top.  You then go on line to fill in and print out the rebate form.  Then mail both pieces in to the address on the rebate form.  PLUS, if there is more than one rebate going to the same address, you can mail them in the same envelope.

Menards rebates are in the form of in store merchandise vouchers that are redeemable toward a future purchase at Menards.  Merchandise credit checks do not have expiration dates and are able to be combined for larger purchases. Rebates limited to stock on hand.  In store only.  You CAN use a rebate merchandise voucher to purchase more FREE after rebate items.

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Expiration 11/7/15
Limit Varies – See Above
Store Menards
Rebate Amount Varies – See Above
Rebate Forms In Store or Print Here
Shipping n/a In Store

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Menards Rebate Center

PLUS a Double Dip Tip ► be sure to use a miles or points earning credit card for your Menards FREE After Rebate purchase!  It’s like getting FREE airline miles!


FREE K-Cups + $11.51 Profit or MORE!

LAST DAY – 8/14/14



Free Green Mountain KCups

Yes!  You can get a FREE 18 Count box of K-Cups and make money doing it!

Pay $10.99 and get $12.50 back from TopCashback, then refer someone to open a new TopCashback account (this can be someone that lives with you – like your spouse) to also take advantage of this FREE K-Cups offer and TopCashback will give you another $10 for a total of $11.51 FREE Cash!

You can actually earn UNLIMITED $10 Referral bonuses – so sign up your spouse, mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, step dad, step mom, best friend, co-workers, boss, coach, best friend, best friend’s spouse … you get the idea!  That’s $10 FREE PER PERSON THAT YOU REFER to sign up for a NEW TopCashback account!  Unlimited FREE Cash!
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Free Box of Coffee K-Cups

Here’s how it works –

Sign up for TopCashback to be eligible for FREE 18-count box of Green Mountain K-Cups!

TopCashback is a simple program and I have received several payments from them already.  You easily transfer money to your PayPal or checking account.

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond through TopCashback, purchase an 18-count box of Green Mountain K-Cups priced at $10.99 and within seven days $12.50 cashback will have posted in your TopCashback account. There are 20 flavors/types to choose from, including French Vanilla, Breakfast Blend, Dark Magic, English Toffee, Hazelnut plus many decafs and half-decafs.

Standard shipping is FREE.  In-store pick-up is not available to be utilized for this freebie deal.

This offer is available to new TopCashback members only. However as TopCashback doesn’t limit accounts to one per household, if you’re an existing member now’s the perfect time to tell your husband or wife, mom or dad, roommate, neighbor or anyone else about TopCashback and perhaps they’ll share their freebie with you! And remember; get them to sign-up through your Tell-A-Friend link and you’ll earn $10 for each new TopCashback member who goes on to earn $10 in payable cashback.

For online sales only, for purchases made directly through TopCashback.

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TopCashback DOES NOT LIMIT ACCOUNTS to one per household so other family members are eligible as well.

Offer available until August 4, 2014. Extended through 8/8/14. Again through 8/14/14.

This promotion is subject to stock and pick-up location availability.

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Free Savings with eBay


If you are already planning on making a major purchase (like clothing, furniture, appliances, designer clothing, electronics), check eBay to see if there might be any discounts available to you. What, you didn’t know that eBay offers FREE discounts? Well, let me tell you how to get them.

I recently purchased a new washer. I picked out the model and style I wanted from Lowe’s because they had the best price around by $20. Their price was $399.99. Through eBay I was able to get a $270.60 Lowe’s gift card for ONLY $251.00 and it included FREE shipping. So, in reality I got $19.60 FREE! It saved me an additional 5% OFF the price of the washer.
I also bought a $100 gift card gift card for just $91.01 to get another FREE 2% OFF.

Buy discounted gift cards for Lowe’s at Cardpool!

Now, if I wanted to save even more money I would have waited until the washer was on sale, I could probably have saved another $25-50 on top of my FREE savings that I “bought” on eBay. I like buying gift certificates and gift cards on eBay because I can pay for them with PayPal and be covered under the buyer’s protection plan. If it’s a scam – I’m covered!

Nearly all gift cards for sale on eBay include FREE shipping and they come pretty quickly. If you want to use a gift card for an online purchase you can often get the seller to e-mail you the gift card number and the pin so you can use it right away.

Another nice thing about using gift cards that you buy at a discount is that they can be used with coupons, so you can DOUBLE DIP and get even more off. Case in point, my washer was purchased using a FREE 10% OFF Mover discount coupon emailed to me from Lowes (apply here).
So here’s the math on what I actually paid for my washer:
$399.99 Cost of Washer
$19.60 5% OFF with Discount Gift Card Savings (FREE MONEY)
$8.99 2% OFF with another Gift Card
$39.99 10% OFF Mover Discount ———–
$331.41 TOTAL COST

$68.58 FREE – SAVINGS of 17% OFF! So I saved nearly $70!

That’s a nice night out for FREE dinner and a FREE movie! All it took was a little planning in advance, and again with a little patience I could have saved even more with a sale price!

You can also “buy” coupons on eBay. If you search for Lowe’s coupons you will find pages and pages of 10% OFF mover coupons. If you don’t feel like giving out your e-mail to them, just buy a couple, it will still be worth the savings on a large purchase.
Although the coupons are not FREE, they do get you some FREE money in the long run. For example, if you want to purchase a cookware set from Macy’s you can buy a 25% OFF coupon on eBay for about $10. The set costs $599.99 and 25% OFF would be $150.00. You would still be ahead $140.00! That’s some serious FREE cash!!!

When buying gift certificates on eBay you will normally be able to get them for about 10% OFF their face value – again, that’s FREE money. If there are places that you frequent and make smaller purchases from it would be wise to buy those gift certificates as well since you would use the total amount over time.

This is a great way to get a FREE discount on something that is not normally discounted. FREE Designer handbag discounts, FREE Bose Music System Discounts, FREE Wii Discounts, etc. Just buy a discounted gift card for a retailer that carries the item that you want.

Get more FREE Savings when you Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Up To 30% Off at!

Remember – NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!!!!!!!!

FREE Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Rachel Ray and her dog Isaboo want you to try a FREE Sample of Nutrish Premium Dog Food! Rachel teamed up with some pet nutritionists to develop this dog food. She will send you a FREE Trial Size Package (6 oz.). Nutrish has no chicken by-product meal or fillers, no artificial flavors or preservatives.

FREE Dog Food

Rachel donates 100% of the proceeds from Nutrish to Rachel’s Rescue to help animals in need!

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