FREE AFTER REBATE – Gaming Headset


$35 Value

Free After Rebate Gaming Headset

Fry’s Electronics has this nice Gaming Headset (XBox or Play Station) for FREE After Rebate through 5/22/14.

Regular price is $35 less a rebate of $35 = FREE

Currently only available in store

Expiration 5/22/14 
Limit 1 Each
Rebate Amount $35
Rebate Forms On each Product Page
Shipping In store


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4 thoughts on “FREE AFTER REBATE – Gaming Headset”

  1. I ordered the Playstation headset (it’s blue) and noticed that the form is for the XBOX only. It looks like Fry’s put the wrong form there. I spoke to Syba, the manufacturer, who didn’t have a clue, then I spoke to Fry’s. Was FINALLY able to confirm with them that the form under the PS headset only mentions the Xbox option. I can just imagine in 8 weeks the PS buyers getting their rebates denied. Fry’s has escalated this to get the appropriate form under the PS option. If going forward with the purchase please make sure you get the right form before submitting it. And thank you for the heads up, my husband totally needs these!

  2. Fry’s got back to me, the manufacturer is going to accept the form they have on the site (for the XBOX) even if you buy the PS set since they only furnished the one form. I was told this by Peter W. in Fry’s Customer Service. Happy Rebating!

  3. Earlier today, we received a call from you in regards to the rebate form
    posted for PLU# 8020404, which was the GG Cruiser Headset for PlayStation
    3, PlayStation 4, and PC but the form was for the XBox model instead.
    Understandably, you were quite concerned considering how exact rebate
    companies can be with their terms.

    We have looked into the situation and have received word from the rebate
    company in question that they would honor the same form for both types of
    headset since they had not provided us a separate one for the PS3/PS4/PC
    version. As with all rebates regardless of any issues with the paperwork
    or none, we do suggest that you make copies of everything that you send in
    (the form itself, the receipt, the UPC barcode, etc.). That way, if there
    is an issue with the rebate despite what the rebate company has told us,
    you can contact us, send in those copies to us by fax or email, and we can
    get things straightened out for you if the need arises.

    Thank you for your call earlier and your business.


    Peter W.
    Frys Electronics Customer Service.

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