FREE SAMPLE – Nur76 Skin Lightening – 4 FREE Samples




Nur76 is the World’s Best Skin Lightening Cream!

Nur76 is Designed for ALL Skin Types Including Asian, African-Caribbean & Caucasian Skin. It is an amazing skin lightening cream which is designed to help lighten and even out your skin tone. It works on many things including lightening your entire face and body, lightening dark circles under your eyes, lightening and evening out any dark marks, scars, shaving razor bump scars, blemishes or hyperpigmentation on your skin.

They will send you 4x FREE Nur76 Skin Lightening Samples.



2 thoughts on “FREE SAMPLE – Nur76 Skin Lightening – 4 FREE Samples”

  1. Hi,

    After I filled out the shipping info and submitted it, the site jumped to a page that said something to the effect of “4 free samples will be shipped to your front door all you need to do is pay for shipping”. So I thought hmmm ok shipping couldn’t be too bad right, nope wrong! The shipping is in English pounds which in this case is £4.00 if you do the conversion to USD it equals $6.13 so I’m guessing it really isn’t free? I just thought I would mention that. I’ve been looking for a skin lighting cream for a while now I even have one sitting in my Amazon cart called Black and White bleach cream and it’s $6.79 so I don’t know maybe it’s worth the cost to try this product depending on how big the samples are. Ok so I checked and if google steered me right, each sample is 5ml which equals to about a leveled off teaspoon of product. Ahhhh I’m so confused too bad I’m not made of money! :p lol Something for your subscribers to think about. :)

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