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Free Postal Scale

**NOTE** – the landing page may appear as if you only get $5 in Postage.  However, if you read the “see offer details” link that appears at the bottom of the box that the woman is holding on the right side of the screen, this (below) is exactly what appears – HERE is AWESOME!

I’ve posted about before but this time I went through the process myself.  Here’s my take…

The service that they provide is a huge asset in that you can print your own postage from your own computer.  Without ever having to leave the house you can mail letters, packages and items that you sell on eBay.  You can print shipping labels with postage on them or you can print paid postage directly onto envelopes.

Have you ever had to wait in long lines at the post office?  Had to deal with those lovely postal employees?  Would you rather avoid the risk of someone “going postal?” Is the nearest post office 15 minutes away?  Did they close your rural post office?  Do you work during the hours that the post office is open?  Is your time valuable?  Do you sell a lot on eBay?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then is for you!  PLUS they will give you a bunch of FREE Stuff for joining them.

So I signed up online (it literally took just a couple of minutes) and immediately was given access to $5 worth of postage after I installed the FREE software.  (They also send you a FREE CD Copy of the software if you need it.)  I actually used some of the postage right away to mail a letter (I printed the postage right on the envelope) and a small package.

I received a package from them just 3 days later with the promised FREE Stuff.


When you sign up for they will send you a brand new digital USB scale for FREE.  This scale is a $50 value.  It is a sleek stainless steel scale with a digital LCD screen on the front and the logo.    The scale has a 5 lb. limit and comes with a 1 year warranty as well.  It is powered by your computer via a USB cable.  Plug it in and it is ready to go!  This is the FREE Scale that I received in the mail.

FREE Postal Scale will also include four FREE sheets of printable postage labels.  Each sheet is a different type (sizes and styles).  The top sheet in the image below is really cool!  You print your postage directly on patriotic labels that feature images of the Statue of Liberty, the US Flag and an American Bald Eagle.  These FREE Labels are worth $5!

One sheet of each of the following is included for FREE:
► Original NetStamps Labels
► Themed NetStamps Labels (Patriotic)
► 3 Part Multi-Purpose Labels
► Premium 2-Up Shipping Labels (4×6 for packages)

Postage Labels

You will also notice in the photo with the scale that there are two $10 Postage certificates.  These are redeemable if you decide to continue the service past the 4-week trial period.  You can only use one per month so you would have to continue service for at least 2 months past the 4-week trial period to take advantage of them.

In addition, as a subscriber to, you have access to exclusive discounts.  For example, a small first class package that I routinely mail normally costs me $2.08, but with it was only $1.69.  That’s a savings of about 19%!

If I decide to continue my service with, which I fully intend to, it will cost me $15.99 per month.

So –

I got a digital scale, postage labels and $5 postage with my initial sign up.  I did have to pay about $10 shipping.  I plan on keeping the service so I will also get another $20 worth of Postage.  The total value is $80 but I paid $10 shipping so I received $70 worth of FREE Stuff from

The question you have to ask yourself is this: Is it worth $10 to get a $50 digital scale, labels and $5 postage?  I think, yes.

Then ask, is the time and the convenience of the service worth the $15.99/ month service charge?  If yes, great do nothing and get your additional $20 postage.

FREE Priority Mail Shipping Boxes and Supplies

Save time and money with Sign up today for an $80 offer!

I highly recommend for convenience, savings and FREE stuff!




7 thoughts on “FREE USB Electronic Digital Scale – $50+ Value”

  1. I heard that their scale only works with their service, that it wont work with 3rd party software.

    Can someone verify this?

  2. The scale doesn’t work with a computer directly off the bat. However, someone made a driver for it, with a readout program. Just search for ‘ scale driver’. Also, I think it is only compatible with the 5LB Scale, and not the bigger one.

  3. I was going to join them last night but, I wanted a bit more info so I googled and 3rd from the top was a complaint list of 410 different complaints against After reading all that I decided it was better to stick with the real guys so I registered with the USPS online service. Then I went and bought an 80lb scale off of ebay for less than $20.00 & I bought the big labels 200 for $7.00. In this case getting a scale for only 5lbs. that may or may not work and $5.00 of postage, not worth it, a lot of the complaints had to do with people cancelling and still getting their credit cards charged.

  4. I use DAILY and have been VERY happy with the service and the scale. I have been using the service for over a year. Keep in mind that there will always be complaints. Did you seek out the compliments and people that were happy with it as well? FreebieTim

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