Make Money Selling Free Stuff On eBay


Get my brand new book – Make Money Selling Free Stuff On eBay: Sell Things You Would Normally Throw Away, on eBay!

Make Money from Nothing!

This book showcases 51 FREE items that you would normally throw in the trash. Instead, sell them on eBay to make OVER $500 CASH.

You could make a car payment, or pay for an airline ticket or even buy that designer handbag you’ve been wanting with the money!

In addition, you’ll see real life examples as well as proven eBay selling tips to be successful and profitable.

Start making money selling FREE stuff on eBay today!

Electronic version for Kindle

Print version

You will quickly and easily be able to recoup the cost of the book by selling an item or two! :)

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So don’t take the trash out just yet!


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FREE BOOK – The Only Time Management Guide You Will Ever Need

This FREE guide, The Only Time Management Guide You Will Ever Need, will teach you how to fully organize yourself, from dealing with distractions and not wasting time to organizing your environment.

This time management guide covers the following topics:

• Why time management is so important
• The biggest time wasters
• Procrastination
• Eliminating distractions from your life
• Organizing yourself and productivity tricks
• Agile and lean time management ideas

The most valuable asset you have is time, don’t waste it.

10 FREE Job Search & Interview Books


Get these 10 FREE books to help you in your job search and find the dream job you’ve always wanted!


Tips For an Effective Job Search – Find meaningful work to improve your circumstances and live a more meaningful life.


Career Options That Match Your Personality – Whether you are just beginning your career or you are making a shift in the path you are already on, it is helpful to have a clear idea of exactly where to focus your search.

101 Smart Questions to Ask on Your Interview – Don’t become tongue-tied during the most crucial phase of the interview process.

Position Yourself to Get the Job – To cultivate the positioning that will help you reach your career goals, you must understand and be able to communicate what makes you exceptional and compelling.

Career Checklist – 100 Tips for Success in Your Job Search & Career Management – Most people have never been taught how to find a job.

Ace Your Job Interview – Master the 14 Best Answers to the 14 Most Effective Job Interview Questions – You will always be prepared for any job interview!

Highest Paying Occupations – Occupational Outlook – Highest paying occupations: 20 occupations with the highest median annual pay.

Employment Interviewing: Seizing the Opportunity and the Job – Employment interviews are an opportunity to show you’re an enthusiastic worker who would do a job well.

11 Steps to Focus Your Job Search – Learn how to find the job that’s a right fit for you!

3 Interview Tactics to Guarantee Your Perfect Job – This book gives grounded tips that you can practice and perfect beforehand, guaranteeing that you’ll get a job offer…and spotting the warning signs if this job really isn’t for you!

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