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Check out Rose Farmers and all the amazing rose varieties that they have!

Rose Farmers is committed to providing luxury roses for every special occasion. Their collection, which they curate alongside the world’s most renowned rose farmers, includes unique and beautiful roses that won’t be found anywhere else in the world. Throughout the season, they work closely with their partners to develop new and innovative varieties that will consistently meet and exceed their standards of elegance and beauty. They are always growing, expanding, and learning from one another’s expertise and insight.

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A couple of their offerings …

The Orange Citrus Long Stem Rose is like capturing a star where the result would be a bright luminous orange rose.

Load image into Gallery viewer, Orange Citrus Long Stem Roses

The Purple Attraction Long Stem Roses have a hint of lavender in the center. Its particular nuance lights up, making it look even more antique and romantic.

Load image into Gallery viewer, Purple Attraction Long Stem Roses

Of course they also have the classic Red Romantic Long Stem Roses, a tribute to a game position in chess in which checkmating the opponent wins the game.

Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Romantic Long Stem Roses

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This post is sponsored by Sivan Social

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