FREE After Rebate – Pill Glide

FREE After Rebate – up to $6.99!

Do you have a diffucult time swallowing pills and vitamins?  If you do, this stuff is for you!  It’s a new product from FLAVORx.  You just spray it in your mouthb prior to taking a pill.  The liquid coats your throat and makes the pill “glide” right down effortlessly!  No more stuck in your throat feeling.  No heaving.  Simple as that! 

It is available in several flavors to make the experience even better!  Flavors available: Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Peach and Bubblegum.  YUM! 

Try it for FREE with the rebate through 8/20/10.

Find a pharmacy near you that sells Pill Glide!

FREE After Rebate – Menards

Menards Freebies!


LOTS of FREE After Rebate Items from Menards from the Weekly Sale Flyer:

♥ FREE Erasable Highlighters – 2 Pack

♥ FREE Pens – Retractable Precise V5 or VBall -2 Pack

♥ FREE Eagle Stick Pens – 12 Pack

♥ FREE House Wash

♥ FREE Clear Safety Glasses

♥ FREE 10′ Vinyl Gutter

♥ FREE Car Wash Mitt

These items do require an additional $10 purchase of separate non-rebated items.

There are also some great prices on school supplies – 99¢ Back Packs, 39¢ Scissors, 19¢ Book Covers and more!

Prices valid through 8/8/10

FREE After Easy Rebate Backpack @ Staples

Free Back Pack

The office supply store want you to have a FREE backpack apparently (OfficeMax is giving one away too)!

This is really a SWEET deal.  It works just like the one at OfficeMax.  Buy a backpack, any backpack, no matter what the price is.  I’m going to order this $129.99 SWISSGEAR Pegasus Laptop Backpack.  Use your Staples Reward card and number when you make the purchase.  Sign up here if you don’t already have one.

Here’s the details on the Staples Reward Offer.  The offer is valid in store, on line or by phone.

You will get 100% back in a Staples Gift Card after easy rebate.  In other words, for promising to spend $129.99 at Staples later you get a FREE Backpack! 

I plan on stocking up on printer ink and copy paper with the FREE Rewards from Staples and OfficeMax for buying the “FREE” backpacks.

Staples also has some other nearly FREE offers this week – 1¢ Pens and Copy Paper, 25¢ gel pens, highlighters and storage boxes.  See the front page of the weekly ad.