FREE Cash – $152

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Free Money

Do you want $152 for FREE?  What could you do with that kind of money?  Just think about it.

ING Direct online banking will give you FREE cash in the amount of $152 for opening a FREE electric orange checking account with them.

They are calling it the Financial Independence Days Sale and here are the details from their web site:

How it works

  • Open Electric Orange June 30th – July 3rd and get:
  • A $76 bonus – Make a total of 5 purchases using your Electric Orange Card or Person2Person Payments (or any combination of the two) within 45 days.
    • Card purchases can be either signature or PIN-based.
    • This bonus will be deposited into your new Electric Orange by August 22nd.
  • $76 more for switching – Set up Direct Deposit and have two Direct Deposits of at least $250 post to your Electric Orange by August 31st.
    • Your other $76 bonus for setting up Direct Deposit will be automatically deposited by September 10th.
  • Bonuses are only available for new Electric Orange checking.

Simple as that – $76 FREE plus $76 FREE = $152 FREE Cash!

There’s also a promotion to get $17.76 FREE when you open a Kids Savings Account.

PLUS Open MONEY, a bank account and debit card parents and teens manage together, and get a FREE $27.76 bonus.

ING is just passing out the FREE Money for the 4th of July!

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Freebie Depot Free Stuff App Featured by Allstate

We may earn a commission from affiliate links in this post.


How excited are we?  The Freebie Depot FREE Stuff iPhone App is currently featured in the Allstate Good Hands News!

Allstate calls our app “a FREE app that helps you find everything from free samples to free clothing.”

Since we constantly add new FREE Stuff they appropriately they listed us under “Hungry For More Freebies And Savings?”

Freebie Depot on Allstate

Our FREE Stuff App features an exclusive tracking feature so that you know what FREE Stuff you have requested.  It stores those items in a list that is quick to refer to.  PLUS, FREE Stuff added every single day!  Get FREE Stuff wherever you happen to be as long as you have your iPhone with you with our FREE Stuff App.

Oh, and did we mention that the app is FREE, naturally :)

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We may earn a commission from affiliate links in this post.

Free Savings with eBay


If you are already planning on making a major purchase (like clothing, furniture, appliances, designer clothing, electronics), check eBay to see if there might be any discounts available to you. What, you didn’t know that eBay offers FREE discounts? Well, let me tell you how to get them.

I recently purchased a new washer. I picked out the model and style I wanted from Lowe’s because they had the best price around by $20. Their price was $399.99. Through eBay I was able to get a $270.60 Lowe’s gift card for ONLY $251.00 and it included FREE shipping. So, in reality I got $19.60 FREE! It saved me an additional 5% OFF the price of the washer.
I also bought a $100 gift card gift card for just $91.01 to get another FREE 2% OFF.

Buy discounted gift cards for Lowe’s at Cardpool!

Now, if I wanted to save even more money I would have waited until the washer was on sale, I could probably have saved another $25-50 on top of my FREE savings that I “bought” on eBay. I like buying gift certificates and gift cards on eBay because I can pay for them with PayPal and be covered under the buyer’s protection plan. If it’s a scam – I’m covered!

Nearly all gift cards for sale on eBay include FREE shipping and they come pretty quickly. If you want to use a gift card for an online purchase you can often get the seller to e-mail you the gift card number and the pin so you can use it right away.

Another nice thing about using gift cards that you buy at a discount is that they can be used with coupons, so you can DOUBLE DIP and get even more off. Case in point, my washer was purchased using a FREE 10% OFF Mover discount coupon emailed to me from Lowes (apply here).
So here’s the math on what I actually paid for my washer:
$399.99 Cost of Washer
$19.60 5% OFF with Discount Gift Card Savings (FREE MONEY)
$8.99 2% OFF with another Gift Card
$39.99 10% OFF Mover Discount ———–
$331.41 TOTAL COST

$68.58 FREE – SAVINGS of 17% OFF! So I saved nearly $70!

That’s a nice night out for FREE dinner and a FREE movie! All it took was a little planning in advance, and again with a little patience I could have saved even more with a sale price!

You can also “buy” coupons on eBay. If you search for Lowe’s coupons you will find pages and pages of 10% OFF mover coupons. If you don’t feel like giving out your e-mail to them, just buy a couple, it will still be worth the savings on a large purchase.
Although the coupons are not FREE, they do get you some FREE money in the long run. For example, if you want to purchase a cookware set from Macy’s you can buy a 25% OFF coupon on eBay for about $10. The set costs $599.99 and 25% OFF would be $150.00. You would still be ahead $140.00! That’s some serious FREE cash!!!

When buying gift certificates on eBay you will normally be able to get them for about 10% OFF their face value – again, that’s FREE money. If there are places that you frequent and make smaller purchases from it would be wise to buy those gift certificates as well since you would use the total amount over time.

This is a great way to get a FREE discount on something that is not normally discounted. FREE Designer handbag discounts, FREE Bose Music System Discounts, FREE Wii Discounts, etc. Just buy a discounted gift card for a retailer that carries the item that you want.

Get more FREE Savings when you Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Up To 30% Off at!

Remember – NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!!!!!!!!

FREE Coffee Maker

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Are you a coffee lover? If so, here’s a FREE deal for you! You already buy coffee, right? So why not buy Gevalia Kaffe coffee and get a FREE coffee maker.  The coffee will cost you $9.99 PLUS you get FREE Coffee Maker. You can choose from over 40 different varieties of coffee, from caffeine FREE to flavored to dark French roast to varietals, even their new European coffee house collection (which is also available caffeine FREE ) or their first organic coffee, Peruvian! They also offer teas, including caffeine FREE herbal teas, green tea and flavored tea.

The coffee comes in a vacuum pack plus they make great gifts for that person that is hard to buy for. As a matter of fact, if you are a coffee drinker and don’t have a need for a FREE 12 cup programmable Stainless Steel Coffeemaker with a FREE Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop, why not get one as a gift to give for a wedding! What a perfect FREE gift for newlyweds!

The FREE coffee maker and it is great! The program feature allows you to set a time to start brewing your coffee in the morning. In other words, you get it all set up at night so that you can have a hassle FREE start to your morning! It’s even better because it’s FREE! It looks remarkably similar to the Cuisinart Brew Central Coffee Maker which retails at WalMart and Target for $80!

It’s a win-win – you buy coffee that you are going to drink anyway for a price that you would pay (or less) at Starbucks AND it gets delivered to your door along with a FREE programmable coffee maker that’s worth $80!! You are getting a $100+ value for only $9.99! What’s to think about?

Here’s the catch – when you sign up to get the coffee and the FREE coffee maker you also sign up to receive automatic monthly shipments of their coffee. All you have to so is cancel your membership on the day that you get the first shipment and then you are FREE from any further commitments!

Get a FREE Coffeemaker & Scoop When You Buy 4 Boxes of Coffee for $9.99 on Auto Delivery (plus S&H) at!

Sign up for the Gevalia Kaffe at Home Coffee Club to get your FREE Coffee Maker!

FREE Air Freshener

We may earn a commission from affiliate links in this post.

Free Air Freshener

This surely won’t last long so take action NOW!

Sign up to get a FREE Air Freshener – not FREE After Rebate – just FREE for the asking!  All you have to do is fill out the short online form and you will receive a FREE Febreze Set & Refresh air freshener!

Request your before they are gone!