FREE Pens @ OfficeMax

FREE Sharpie Pens

There are a couple of new FREE After MaxPerks Rewards on pens this week at OfficeMax.  You will get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards on these offers.

1 ► FREE Paper Mate Flair Point-Guard Porous Point Pens, 12 Count, available in purple and red, LIMIT 3 of each color $14.99 Value Each

2 ► FREE Sharpie Medium Point Stick Pens, Red, 12 pack, LIMIT 1 $20.49 Value Each

Both offers are available on line only.

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FREE Granola Bar

Free Granola Bar

Try a FREE Sample of Kashi TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bar or if you prefer you can choose a FREE Sample of Cereal – Cinnamon Harvest.  Both sound awesome!  PLUS they are all natural and good for you and they are kid-friendly!

After you have requested your FREE Sample you can even track it on their web site!  That’s kind of cool.

You can request your FREE Sample through 8/28/11 or while supplies last.

Doesn’t that Granola Bar look delicious?

FREE Dog Food

FREE Dog Food!

Ellen DeGeneres loves pets and she must also love FREE Stuff!

She is one of the owners of pet food company HALO that produces holidstic pet foods.  If you sign up for the Halo  email newsletter you will get 2 FREE Cans of Halo’s Spot’s Stew dog food.   Spot’s Stew is available in Wholesome Chicken, Beef or Lamb and Succulent Salmon flavors. 

Halo products are available at PETCO and other fine pet supply retailers.

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FREE Horoscopes

Free Horoscope

Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds? A FREE horoscope will tell you all that you want to know, plus some things that you might not want to know. But where do you go to find them for FREE?

You can usually find them in the newspaper or magazines, but those aren’t FREE, unless you are swiping your neighbors morning newspaper before the sun comes up! That would be FREE, but you might not be if you get caught!

Try looking into the crystal ball that is your FREE horoscope – On the Internet, of course!  Here  are three FREE Sites to try – 

1 – – Get your FREE daily horoscopes here along with FREE Love Horoscopes, FREE Career Horoscope and FREE Chinese Horoscopes! You can also get a FREE Daily Planetary Overview! Check out the FREE Tarot & FREE Numerology along with the lighthearted info on the FREE AstroFun page!

Free  Horoscopes from Astrocenter

2 – Yahoo Horoscopes – they are on their home page and they are FREE! They offer a huge range that includes FREE daily horoscopes, FREE Weekly horoscopes, FREE Monthly horoscopes, FREE yearly horoscopes, FREE Daily Teen horoscopes, FREE Love & Relationship horoscopes and even a FREE Career & Finance horoscopes. You can also sign up for FREE Daily horoscope Email! And you can choose to have them send you a FREE text Horoscope to your mobile phone – that way you don’t miss out if you aren’t able to get to a computer!

3 – – they offer most of the same features (including FREE Email horoscopes) that Yahoo Horoscopes does but they also have some additional FREE fun features! Check out the FREE Pet Horoscope! HA, HA! Do they get their paws read too? It’s actually your horoscope and what you can look forward to in your relationship with your pets. Had ya going for minute didn’t I? also has FREE Tarot Card Readings (6 different kinds) and online versions of a FREE Crystal Ball and FREE Fortune Cookies! PLUS there’s a whole FREE Chinese Zodiac area and a FREE Daily I Ching Reading! FREE Numerology too! It’s a VERY cool site with TONS of FREE Horoscopes and other FREE Psychic applications and tools!
There is also a FREE App for the iPod and iPhone! The FREE app also gives you a one time “Ask a FREE Question” module, for a FREE answer by a live advisor! The FREE app also allows you to share your horoscope for FREE on Facebook.

Speaking of FREE apps – If you search for horoscope in the iTunes app store you will find that there are several FREE horoscope apps in the top 25 including a FREE Astro Feel Horoscope! Check them out!

Apple iTunes 

If you have Sprint Mobile Service they also offer a FREE Horoscope Tile Application that has FREE Hot Horoscope, Celebrity Birthdays and more!

There are some FREE Horoscopes and some FREE samples in your Future!!!

Try a Free  Tarot Reading
Free Psychic  Reading