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Free Dental Exam

Dental services can be quite pricey and dental xrays aren’t cheap either. There are ways that you can get FREE Dental Exams, FREE Dental X-rays and even FREE Teeth Cleaning! And with many companies cutting or even eliminating dental insurance for their employees more and more people are searching for these FREE Dental Services.
Here are a couple of suggestions for FREE Dentist Procedures –

Dentist Office FREE EXAMS & FREE X-RAYS – Many dentist offices will perform FREE Dental Exams and give you FREE XRays because they want to lure you into their facility in hopes of you returning for future cleanings and expensive procedures. It’s kind of tricky, but apparently it works. There are “chains” of dental offices popping up all over and they seem to be the largest marketers of the FREE Dental Exam & FREE X-Rays for new or first time patients. Aspen Dental has locations in 19 states and offers a printable coupon for FREE new patient exam and X-Rays. Another dental group with locations mainly in the NorthEast that also offers a FREE printable pdf coupon for a FREE Exam with X-Rays is Allcare Dental.

FREE Teeth Whitening for Life! DentalWorks (with locations 12 states) has a great offer that includes FREE custom take-home whitening trays and gel ($399 value). As long as you keep up with your recommended cleaning visits, you will get 2 FREE tubes of whitening gel twice per year for the rest of your life! That’s it. No other requirements!
DentalWorks also offers FREE new patient exams and x-rays.

Dental School FREE DENTAL EXAMS & FREE TEETH CLEANING – check with a nearby college or university that has a dental program. The students will need to practice and often times they will have appointments that are open to the public to offer FREE Dental Exams, FREE Tooth Cleaning or at least greatly reduced services. Don’t fear – these exams and cleaning are conducted with the oversight of an instructor who is generally a dentist. Call your local college to see if they have a FREE dental day!

Charitable FREE Dental Services & Procedures – there are organizations that offer FREE Dental services for senior citizens, FREE Dental Exams for Veterans and FREE Dental Check Ups for low income families. There may be some paperwork to fill out but if you fit into one of these groups or you are a minority you might qualify. There’s a whole list of community organizations that are recommended by Colgate. Many of them are specifically for children. If they don’t offer FREE services themselves, they will certainly be able to point you in the right direction.
Dentistry from the Heart is a great non-profit organization that offers FREE dental Clinics. You can check their event list to see if they have one coming up near you! They offer FREE Exams, FREE Xrays, FREE Cleaning and even FREE fillings at these clinics.

FREE DENTAL ITEMS! Whenever you are at the dentist remember to ask for FREE Toothpaste, FREE toothbrushes, FREE mouthwash, FREE dental Floss, FREE dental Picks and FREE fluoride pills. These are all given to the dentists FREE so that they can pass them out to promote brands for companies – take advantage of the FREE Dental items from your dentist!

Don’t forget your pets have teeth too! Many vets offer FREE exams and xrays for pets as well! Pet tooth health is extremely important to their livelihood. Ask about a FREE veterinarian check up for Fido so he can keep smiling too!

FREE Stuff for Chefs

Free Stuff for Chefs

Are you a foodie? Do you love to cook? Here are some great places to check online to get FREE recipes, FREE cookbooks and more for your fix!

• What’s Spoom? What are the ingredients in creme anglaise? Find out on, filled with a wealth of information for any cook, amateur or professional. Epicurious is a completely FREE site that has a HUGE database of FREE recipes and FREE menus. There is also a Cook’s Tools section that includes a FREE shopping list, FREE iPhone App, FREE Food Dictionary, FREE wine Pairings, FREE conversion charts and FREE Technique Videos. There really is a nearly endless supply of information.
Epicurious also has a FREE Online Recipe box that you can save your favorite recipes to. You can also share your recipes with family and friends from the FREE Recipe Box.
This FREE Site is a MUST for anyone that Loves to Cook!

• If it’s more recipes that you want, check out the FREE offerings at They have thousands of FREE recipes from appetizers to desserts. They also have a FREE recipe exchange forum where you can ask for and share recipes.

• More recipes can be found at including an entire FREE section of recipes and tips from Paula Deen!

• Sign up for the FREE CIA (Culinary Institute of America) newsletter that is filled with information for the food and wine enthusiast: techniques, recipes, lessons in wine, cooking tools and ingredients. The CIA website also offers FREE recipes. If you look in the Educators section you will find FREE Food ID handout sheets and a FREE poster series.

• Sign up to get the Cooking Club of America eNewsletter – The FREE newsletter includes recipes, ideas, tips and advice, kitchen product reviews and more!

• Watch FREE episodes of Top Chef and Chef Academy at Bravo.

$20 Worth of FREE Stuff at Walgreens

Free After Rebate from Walgreens

This week (through 2/4) Walgreens has three FREE After Rebate (Rewards) items that total $20 worth of FREE Stuff!

FREE St. Joseph’s Asprin – 36 count – 81 mg – $2 Value
FREE Pur-absorb Iron  Supplement – 28 packets – $10 Value
FREE Blink Tears Eye Care – $8 Value

You should be able to purchase all three items in one transaction and get register rewards for $20 total making these items completely FREE!

You can also take advantage of these offers multiple times as long as the items are purchased in separate transactions.  If you use the asprin, go back several times throughout the week and stock up for FREE!

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