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Free American Property

You can own your very own piece of real estate in the state of your choice for FREE!

You will Own a Piece of America and get an email Deed with your name on it to any state FREE!  You’ll immediately become the registered owner of your FREE parcel of land.

Who doesn’t want to own FREE land in Hawaii?  or California?  or even Alaska? or FREE Real Estate in any US State?

What’s the catch? It’s a mini-parcel that measures 1 square inch!

Free Land in Hawaii

You can’t built on it, live on it or retire on it. You cannot make any improvements or develop the parcels. You can not occupy the parcels and must grant rights of ingress and egress over your parcel. And they are completely free of additional responsibilities or obligations. You also won’t have to pay taxes of any kind…ever, and will not be required to mow, pick up trash, or comply with any local, state or federal regulations.

Needless to say, you could then tell your family and friends that you just got some land in  Hawaii!  You could give someone a deed to a piece of FREE Property in California as a FREE Gift!  That would be a very original FREE Stocking Stuffer!




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