FREE Meals for Children in Need

Free Food for Kids from Save1

FREE Savings for You = FREE Food for a Needy Child

I came across this site the other day that’s really a great way to give back.  It’s called Save1.

It’s a shopping portal that helps you save money with coupons and online promotional codes to use on purchases through associated online retailers like Walgreens, Target, Nautica and Kmart.

The savings are FREE to you as well.  I saw discounts as high as 40% OFF.

But here’s the cool thing: each time a coupon or offer is used, Save1 provides a meal to a child in need.  How awesome is that?  It’s a win for you because you save money (for FREE) and it’s a win for needy kids because they get a FREE Meal.  When was the last time that you saved money on something AND gave away a meal at the same time?

Save1 has given over 96,000 FREE Meals to children in need since the inception of their program.  That’s amazing!

So, say you want to make a purchase from  You search the thousands of coupons for Walgreens on the Save1 website.  There is a huge list of coupons that appear, among them one for $10 OFF a $50 purchase.  You make your purchase, save 20% with this coupon offer AND donate a FREE meal to a child in need at the same time. Win – Win!

There are literally thousands of coupon offers and discounts for retailers in every category that you can imagine.

In addition to giving meals for each coupon/discount offer used you can provide 3 meals for FREE right now without even making a purchase.  Save1 will donate one meal for your completing each of the following tasks:

► Sharing Save1 with your Family & Friends on Facebook

► Liking Save1 on Facebook

► Signing up for the Save1 Newsletter

Simple as that.  3 FREE meals provided!  If everyone that reads this does just those 3 tasks we could feed a small village for FREE!

One last thing that I like – you do not have to register with Save1.  All you have to do is follow the links to the retailers from the Save1 web site.

Bookmark Save1 – Save Money, Save Lives!

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