FREE Prilosec

WalMart has a FREE Sample of NEW Prilosec OTC (over the counter) for 24-Hour heartburn protection.

This sample requires you to answer two questions first about the frequency of heartburn that you suffer.  Obviously, you will want to select higher frequency rates to qualify for the FREE Sample.  As always, expect this one to arrive quickly as all FREE Walmarts Samples do.


Where on Earth can you get anything for FREE? Is there really such a place? Yes there is! Craigslist! If you look in the appropriate city for your location then locate the “FOR SALE” area in the center you will find a “FREE” category. In this “FREE” listing area you can find just about anything, as long as it’s legal. You are also allowed to list items that you wish to give away for FREE as long as there are no “wanted” ads, pets, promotional giveaways, or intangible/digital items.”

I found these completely FREE items in a recent search of the “FREE STUFF” section for Craig’s List in Cleveland, Ohio. A FREE Pair of Architectural Columns (it did say that the paint was chipped off and they needed to be repainted – but they are FREE), a FREE Boat for Fishing, a FREE TV made by RCA, a FREE Coffee Table, a FREE Refrigerator, FREE Fill Dirt, FREE Shoes, FREE boxes, a FREE Birthday Banner, FREE Dolls, FREE Manure (Really!), FREE Baby clothes, FREE Enfamil Coupons, a FREE Copier, FREE Dishes and even a FREE Piano! That’s only a partial list and it’s only one page. Really, the sky’s the limit!

Here’s a couple of recommendations when pursuing FREE items on Craigs List:
– Make sure that you speak with the person as opposed to just communicating by email with them. Get a phone number.
– Ask questions FIRST! Does it work? Why are they getting rid of it? How old is it? Where is it located? Why are they giving it away for FREE instead of selling it?
– If you go to look at the item use some common sense, don’t go at night, don’t go alone, make an appointment.
– If you do set an appointment and can’t make it, call the person and let them know.

With a little caution and preparation you can get some great FREE stuff by perusing the FREE things on Craigslist! Happy FREE Hunting!

FREE Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Rachael Ray and her dog Isaboo want you to try a FREE Sample of Nutrish Premium Dog Food! Rachael teamed up with some pet nutritionists to develop this dog food. She will send you a FREE Trial Size Package (6 oz.). Nutrish has no chicken by-product meal or fillers, no artificial flavors or preservatives.

FREE Dog Food

Rachael donates 100% of the proceeds from Nutrish to Rachael’s Rescue to help animals in need!

Get a FREE Sample of Nutrish Dog Food for your pooch!

FREEBIE HOTLIST – August 2, 2010

• FREE Cover the Uninsured Bookmark & Sticker
FREE Strawberry Shortcake or OREO Ice Cream Bar @ RaceTrac Locations with Coupon
• Three FREE 5″x7″ Folded Photo Greeting Cards from Shutterfly
FREE Celebrity Cookbook Download from Pampered Chef
FREE Jonas Brothers Locker Calendar from OfficeMax
FREE After Rebate Paint Brushes @ Menards
FACEBOOK FREEBIE! FREE Computer Wallpaper Downloads from Bahama Breeze
FREE Kids Meals @ IHOP in August
FACEBOOK FREEBIEQuickChek FREE Pizza or Taco Stix
FREE After Rebate Crayons, Markers, Vitamins and Solution at Walgreens
WALMART FREEBIEFREE Sample of Prilosec OTC Heartburn Medication
FREE Sample Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food
FREE Bible iPod/iPhone Application
FREE Antibiotics at Meijer Pharmacy Locations
FREE Samples of John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion
FREE Political Bumper Stickers
TODAY ONLY! FREE Compact Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer @, Inc
TODAY ONLY! FREE Software Download Simple Money Manager Standard