FREE SAMPLE – Pet Wants Dog Food

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UPDATED 12/26/15, 8:30pm – They are now charging for samples


Unlike most National Brands, Pet Wants food is slow-cooked to lock in nutrients and is delivered to your pet’s bowl within weeks – not months – of being made.  freshness guarantees your dog from eating empty calories caused by food sitting month after month as it makes its way from distribution warehouse to warehouse, losing an important part of its nutritional value before finally reaching your store’s shelf.

For a limited time you can request a FREE Sample.

Choose from

  • Puppy – up to 1 year
  • Adult
  • Senior & Less Active
  • Grain-Free



$4.00 off Purina Pro Plan brand Dog Snacks

FREE SAMPLE – Gosh That’s Good Brand Chocolate & Tea Drink Mixes

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Gosh That’s Good Brand is steeped in Northwest Coffee culture and knows coffee shops and what they need. They also have a handle on what a great flavored drink should taste like. They strive to bring you the absolute best quality and unmatched customer service.

Their products include:


  • Original Rich Classic
  • Sugar Free Rich Classic
  • Original White Velvet
  • Sugar Free White Velvet
  • Original Matcha Creamy Green Tea
  • Sugar Free Matcha Creamy Green Tea
  • Original Amaze-O-Mix Blender Base
  • Sugar Free Amaze-O-Mix Blender Base
  • Original Creamy Caramel
  • Sugar Free Creamy Caramel
  • Bev Buz Energy Mix in Liquid
  • Bev Buz Energy Mix in Powder
  • Original Chai
  • Sugar Free Chai



FREE SAMPLE – Friskies 7 Cat Food – FREE Purina Cat Food Sample

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7 Cat Favorites All in One Dish – Friskies 7!

Get a FREE Sample for your Favorite Feline.

This one-of-a-kind meal features the flavors of chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, tuna, shrimp and cheese. A combination so delish, it’ll bowl your cat over.

Sign up to receive a FREE SAMPLE of new Friskies 7!

You can always tell everyone you know to get these samples and donate them to an animal shelter, they will love you for it!



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FREE SAMPLE – ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Rejuvenating Toothpaste

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Get a FREE Sample of ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Rejuvenating Toothpaste.

Featuring a crisp, mint flavor, this revolutionary toothpaste strengthens, cleans and repairs tooth enamel to reveal a radiant smile in just 5 days!

FREE Toothpaste samples are always great to have for guests, for travelling and for care packages.  Don’t pass this one up!




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