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Free Camping FREE Hike – take a nature filled hike through the woods or a leisurely walk through the campground or area that you are camping in.

Free Camping FREE Rocks – Collect rocks, stones or shells from the area around the campsite.  When you get home put your collection in a decorative dish as a reminder of your trip.

Free Camping FREE Games – there are plenty of games to play to occupy your time and have a good time.  Dice, Cards, Word Games or if you don’t want to take anything with you, I Spy, Survivor style challenges, Charades, Hide and Seek.

Free Camping FREE Reading – take a couple of books by your favorite author or some magazines of interest.  Reading is a great way to relax and unwind when you are sitting outside by a campfire with some fire roasted marshmallows.

Free Camping FREE Bird Watching – birds are fun to watch.  You can see how many different types you can see, imitate their calls or just observe their behavior.

Free Camping FREE Pictures – I am a photography buff.  I could walk around all day and find things to take pictures of from people to flowers to animals to clouds in the sky.  I usually frame one of my favorite photos from my travels.  Great mementos!

Free Camping FREE Star Gazing – the sky is so dark when you are away from a populated area and it gives you an opportunity to see many, many stars .  Can you find the Little Dipper?  What about the North Star?

Free Camping FREE Ghost Stories – what an awesome way to spend a night!  Trying to scare everyone while you are sitting in the pitch black in the middle of nowhere.  BOO!

Free Camping FREE Education – find the park ranger and pick his brain.  They love to talk about the parks, nature, the animals and the area.  They LIVE for it and you will generally get some pretty interesting conversation.  They love to talk to kids and answer their questions too.

Free Camping FREE Sports – see if you can round up enough people in the campground to play a quick game of baseball or volleyball.  Go for a swim or try your luck at fishing.  There is always some sort of sport that you can participate in.


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