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5 FREEbies Only College Students Can Get

Exciting as your studying may be, it does give you a hard time, draining you of your high spirits and savings and driving you to buy cheap essays online. That being the case, you end up contemplating convenient and cheap ways to realize your needs and hobbies. And it looks like the FREEbie option fits the bill like nothing else, right? For this reason, we have compiled the best FREEbie that only students are privileged to receive!

1. A FREE Pancake from Another Broken Egg Cafe

Desperate for delicious desserts that will not only tame your hunger, but also give you unforgettable gastronomic vibes? Then this mouth-watering FREEbie must be the best bet for you. To get a FREE large birthday pancake from this popular cafe, all you are required to do is sign up for their email club, the Coop, and bingo – you will become the lucky owner of a FREE pancake to stick a candle in!

2. A Sandwich from Amato’s

As another great option for food-enthusiast college martyrs, a FREE exquisite sandwich from this high-end fusion cuisine restaurant will please your most subtle tastes for fast food, saving you some good cash as well. Just like with the previous FREEbie offer, here you are also supposed to sign up for the club membership of this Italian franchise.

3. FREE Ice Cream from Amy’s Ice Creams

If you fancy treating yourself to something that evokes your sweetest childhood memories, be sure to consider this tempting offer. Amy’s Ice Creams features as many as 350 ice cream flavors, not shunning alcohol – yes, many of the flavors contain this bitter liquid. Well, this doesn’t quite seem to have anything in common with the experiences you had as a kid, but no one is forcing you to pick alcoholic ice cream – with the vast assortment of yummy treats from Amy’s Ice Creams, you are FREE to choose whatever you want for FREE !

4. FREE Popcorn from Cinemark

This offer will definitely blow the minds of true movie addicts! The Cinemark movie theater chain gives away coupons for a FREE large popcorn that are valid for the entire month of your birthday. And, just for the record, you don’t have to buy a movie ticket to get this FREEbie. You can just show up at the cinema bar, show the coupon to the bartender, and savor your lucky catch!

5. FREE Entree from Chequers Seafood & Steak

Are you into healthy and elegant seafood but your financial capabilities hold you back? This restaurant chain must have read your mind! It provides a unique offer enabling you to enjoy your favorite oysters, shrimp, mussels, and other professionally cooked seafood, only on the condition that you subscribe to the restaurant’s email club.


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