What’s Up? My name is Tim, AKA FreebieTim.  Nope, I’m not a stay at home mom.  I don’t have three kids or two dogs and a cat.

I’m just a guy (guys like FREE stuff too) who likes Hawaii and my iPhone and happens to love getting stuff for FREE! I like to share FREE Samples, FREE Magazines and my Favorite FREE iPhone Apps. But, the bigger FREE stuff is what makes it all worth while! You can score awesome FREE Stuff with a little more effort including FREE Airfare, FREE Software, FREE Birthday Food and tons of FREE After Rebate Items.  I’ve even gotten a FREE 260 pound safe (that I sold on eBay for $300!) and a FREE laptop computer. FREE Stuff adds up! You can even sell some of this FREE Stuff to make FREE money!

I am proud that my site has been featured by some prominent news outlets including MSN Money, CNN Headline News, AARP Bulletin, Woman’s Day Magazine and KABC-TV 7 in Los Angeles, among others.

I also have this really cool iPhone app called FREE BDAY that puts my HUGE list of FREE Birthday Offers in the palm of your hand!  It was a cool adventure to create a smartphone app from inception.  I update the app and the list nearly every single day.

Bottom line – I’m just here to share my FREE finds with everyone and hopefully make some friends and money (so I can work from Hawaii) along the way.