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Free Birthday Gelato

Have you ever had gelato?  I mean real Italian-style gelato made with less butterfat and less incorporated air than ice cream.  That results in an immense flavor and texture which is FAR superior to typical American ice cream, in my opinion.

Gelato is the most intense, silky, dense, cool, and flavorful “ice cream style” product that will hit your lips. The flavor is simply indescribable.

With that said, there is a chain of Gelato Shops called Frost.  Frost will give you a FREE Piccolo (Italian for small) cup of gelato for your Birthday.  There is no email to sign up for, you will just need to show them your ID.  Note that Frost locations are franchised and it is recommended that you contact the location you wish to visit to verify participation in the FREE birthday promotion.

There are heavenly flavors to choose from like Gianduia (Chocolate with Hazelnut), Peanut Butter Crunch, Tiramisu, Root Beer and Cinnamon Apple Pie, to name a few.  Check out the list of flavors.

Frost Gelato Locations (AZ, CA, IL, NM, TX, UT)


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