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Attention Star Trek Collectors and Fanatics!

Star Trek Generations Dr. Soran Action Figure is regularly priced at $19.95 and is currently on EXTREME CLEARANCE for only 81¢ (that’s not a typo)!  It’s really just 81¢!  That’s practically FREE!

You will save 96% or $19.14! C R A Z Y !!!!

More Star Trek Clearance Items

► Vintage 1994 Star Trek Generations B’Etor Nortoious Klingon Warror and Youngest Daughter of the House of Duras 95¢

► Commander Sela: Star Trek the Next Generation Space the Final Frontier 51¢

► Vintage 1994 Star Trek Generation Captain James T Kirk in space suit $1.78

► Star Trek Generations Doctor Beverly Crusher 4.5″ Action Figure $1.22

Beam me up Scotty!

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