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ALOHA has launched a new FREE Tea Kit that contains one tea bag of each of their fabulous flavors

  • Beauty Tea for Glowing Skin

  • Clean Tea for Body Rejuvenation

  • Protect Tea for Stress Defense

  • Lovers Tea for Spicing It Up

PLUS 4 Sticks of their Coconut Sweetner

  • Made with Organic Thai Coconuts
  • More Minerals than Regular Cane Sugar
  • Hydrating Boost to any Beverage
  • Easy, On-the-Go Packs


Get your FREE Ultimate ALOHA Teas Kit! Limited Time Only!

‘s herbal teas balance, purify, nourish, and beautify. And their coconut water powder (ALOHA Coconut) adds a dash of hydration and refreshing tropical taste to any beverage. Both are made entirely free of chemicals, “natural” flavors, or artificial ingredients.

Tea is incredibly good for you and definitely deserves a place in your diet. Here are 5 tips for how to incorporate more tea into your life:

  • Cook with tea: Replace the water in any of your favorite recipes with tea for a delicious, all-natural flavor boost. Try black tea in your morning oatmeal. Robust black tea-infused oatmeal with maple syrup and slivered almonds is always a stunningly easy-to-make gourmet breakfast.
  • Add tea to your workout regimen: Studies have shown that drinking green tea daily can help shrink fat cells and make muscle cells more active, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, due to the EGCG and caffeine in green tea. So drink up in order to move more quickly into that lean, toned body!
  • Make tea your afternoon pick-me-up: It’s 3pm and you’re dragging. Try a refreshing tea instead of chemical-laden sodas, sugar-filled juices or heavily caffeinated coffees. Tea will give you a gentle energy uptick without the jitters or subsequent energy crash. You’ll feel better, sharper and ready to finish the day strong.
  • Pair tea with your meals: Channel your inner sommelier and pair each course of your meal with a different type of tea. Try green tea with your appetizer, black tea with your main entrée, and white tea with your dessert. Tea can balance the flavors in the food and aid digestion.

Get your FREE Ultimate ALOHA Teas Kit! Limited Time Only!

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