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Free Beauty Stuff

The whole month of August Allure Magazine will be giving away thousands of FREE Beauty and Fashion Items.  In all, they will give away 32,350 items!  Yes, you read that right

Every weekday in August, enter for a chance to win all sorts of amazing beauty and fashion loot—a whopping 32,350 items to be exact. There are two easy ways to win—by scantag and at Check out all the giveaways now!

The offers are time specific and they will go FAST!  Times listed are Eastern Time.  So set your timer or tell Siri to remind you about 5 minutes before the ones that you REALLY want to be sure to get your shot at some awesome FREE Stuff from Allure!  You can also sign up for FREE Text Message Alerts from Allure.

You must be 18 or older to participate as well.

Here’s just a sampling of what you can get:

FREE Shoes
FREE Nail Polish
FREE Sunglasses
FREE Clothing
FREE Hair Dryer
FREE Makeup
FREE Lip Gloss
FREE Lotion
FREE Purses
FREE Perfume


FREE Eye Lashes! HA!


FREE Stuff from Sephora