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Free Birthday Jewelry from Helzberg Diamonds


Since 1915 Helzberg Diamonds has been committed to providing customers with unparalleled customer service, industry expertise, custom jewelry and engagement rings that makes that special someone say, “I Am Loved.”

They offer exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else, along with customization options to create special jewelry that’s uniquely yours.

Register with Helzberg Online and create an account.  Be sure to enter your birth date.  If you’re lucky, they will send you an email coupon card for some FREE Jewelry.

A Helzberg rep told us that they randomly send out birthday cards for FREE Jewelry, lottery style. The rep also said, “Helzberg has millions of customers, it isn’t possible to send everyone a FREE card every year.”

I can tell you that, this year, my mother received a card in the mail that was good for a FREE sterling silver heart pendant and necklace (valued $29.99) at for her birthday.  She just had to stop by the a store to turn in the card and pick up her FREE Birthday Gift.


PLUS she said that she has also received FREE pearl earrings in the past and that she gets a card every year.  She must be really lucky!

So, bottom line, if you are lucky you might get some FREE Birthday Jewelry every year. If you are unlucky, you might get nothing.  It’s the Birthday Luck of the Draw.

If nothing else, swing by your local Helzberg Diamonds location and get a FREE “I Am Loved” button – just like in the top photo.

Helzberg Diamonds Locations

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