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Are you a coffee lover? If so, here’s a FREE deal for you! You already buy coffee, right? So why not buy Gevalia Kaffe coffee and get a FREE coffee maker.  The coffee will cost you $9.99 PLUS you get FREE Coffee Maker. You can choose from over 40 different varieties of coffee, from caffeine FREE to flavored to dark French roast to varietals, even their new European coffee house collection (which is also available caffeine FREE ) or their first organic coffee, Peruvian! They also offer teas, including caffeine FREE herbal teas, green tea and flavored tea.

The coffee comes in a vacuum pack plus they make great gifts for that person that is hard to buy for. As a matter of fact, if you are a coffee drinker and don’t have a need for a FREE 12 cup programmable Stainless Steel Coffeemaker with a FREE Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop, why not get one as a gift to give for a wedding! What a perfect FREE gift for newlyweds!

The FREE coffee maker and it is great! The program feature allows you to set a time to start brewing your coffee in the morning. In other words, you get it all set up at night so that you can have a hassle FREE start to your morning! It’s even better because it’s FREE! It looks remarkably similar to the Cuisinart Brew Central Coffee Maker which retails at WalMart and Target for $80!

It’s a win-win – you buy coffee that you are going to drink anyway for a price that you would pay (or less) at Starbucks AND it gets delivered to your door along with a FREE programmable coffee maker that’s worth $80!! You are getting a $100+ value for only $9.99! What’s to think about?

Here’s the catch – when you sign up to get the coffee and the FREE coffee maker you also sign up to receive automatic monthly shipments of their coffee. All you have to so is cancel your membership on the day that you get the first shipment and then you are FREE from any further commitments!

Get a FREE Coffeemaker & Scoop When You Buy 4 Boxes of Coffee for $9.99 on Auto Delivery (plus S&H) at!

Sign up for the Gevalia Kaffe at Home Coffee Club to get your FREE Coffee Maker!