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Better than FREE!

OK, so this is only FREE technically, if you redeem enough coupons.

But, here’s the reality…

Entertainment Books are great if you use them.  If you leave them at home or forget to coupons they don’t really do you any good and they don’t save you any money at all.

BUT – if you use even just a couple of the restaurant buy-one-meal-get-one-FREE coupons, it not only pays for itself BUT it will give you FREE Savings, FREE Meals, FREE Discounts and more!

The cool thing is that they now have FREE companion mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  So you buy your book, then register your card that comes with the book, download the app and have access to discounts wherever you are without having to carry your book full of coupons with you into the restaurant or store!  This is one of the smartest things that Entertainment ever did.

There are many discounts that you can redeem simply by showing your mobile device with the coupon displayed.  COOL, right?

2014 Entertainment Books

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How to calculate your FREE Book :

$35.00       Cost of Entertainment Book with FREE Shipping

-$7.00       20% OFF

-$15.00     Buy One Get One FREE Restaurant Meal

-$10.00     Buy One Get One FREE Restaurant Meal

-$10.00     Savings Coupon off Purchase at National Retailer

Already a savings of $7.00

From that point on it’s FREE Money!

Get your 2014 Entertainment Book today!