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Free Education

So, you want to better yourself but don’t think you can afford to pay the steep college prices? Sign up for some FREE college classes! Many Universities, and even Community Colleges, are now offering FREE internet and online courses, FREE Lectures via video, FREE printable homework and course quides and FREE lecture notes that you can download.

The FREE online programs will run the gamit from very simplistic and elementary to intense and in depth. You are sure to find FREE courses out there for just about anything. The University of Notre Dame offers FREE classes through a program called Open Course Ware, FREE Courses include FREE Architecture Classes, FREE English courses and FREE Political Science lectures. Although you do need to register, you do not need to be enrolled at Notre Dame to participate in these FREE college courses.

Read this FREE Oprah Magazine article titled Back to School: FREE Courses from Top Universities. There’s some great info there. She discussed FREE College Courses that are available from Yale, University of California, Berkeley, Notre Dame and MIT. MIT offers 1900 FREE courses alone! Check out the list here! It’s safe to say that all of the schools that Oprah mentions offer a wide selection of FREE podcasts, FREE lectures, FREE videos and FREE assignements to accompany the FREE University Classes.

You can find FREE classes for just about anything online. Some offer FREE video classes and lectures, some offer FREE printable courses and some are just practical reference guides. You can find quite a few FREE art classes, FREE online finance courses (Check CNN Money) and FREE computer classes and tutorials that you can take from the comfort of your own home!

Check your local Adult Education Programs as well. They might be offered through your local school district or a community college. You can often find FREE classes ranging from crafts to personal finance and even the occassional computer class. Depending on where their funds come from they may offer the classes for FREE or for a small fee. Many colleges will offer FREE college courses for Seniors or for the Unemployed and sometimes even for high school students! Call your local college and ask what FREE courses they offer, they will be glad to let you know!

Check your local museum, zoo and library as well. The local museum near me offers FREE instructional classes on drawing, painting and art history. The zoo has FREE classes about animal habitats (some FREE activities for kids too), and the Library always has FREE sessions on literary works with a professor from a local college. These are kind of like a book club with the professor leading the discussion.

You can even find FREE Coupon classes where they teach you how to get HUGE discounts by using coupons! SCORE!

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