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Free Foreign Language Class

Parlez-vous français?

You can learn to speak French for FREE. Plus you can choose from several other languages as well: FREE Chinese Lessons, FREE Italian Lessons, FREE Spanish Lessons, FREE German Lessons, FREE Portuguese Lessons. There are also FREE online lessons available for some other obscure languages including Russian, Gaelic, Welsh and Polish. It doesn’t have to be all Greek to you if you take FREE Greek classes!

The BBC has developed an entire website dedicated to learning other languages. It is loaded with FREE learning tools and it is really a lot of fun! You select the language that you are interested in learning. Next, you can choose to follow the FREE Beginners’ Online Course, listen to FREE phrases that are used regularly like, Where is the restroom? and Do you speak English? or even improve your listening skills through spoken exercises.

The Beginners’ Course is a 12 week course that is conducted for FREE through weekly emails. When you successfully complete the 12 week course you even get a FREE Certificate! I like spreading it out over 12 weeks because it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. It’s one step at a time.

If you are not a beginner there are also FREE sections dedicated to teachers and tutors, FREE quizzes, FREE translation dictionaries, FREE Vocabulary lists, FREE Grammar Tips, FREE local Customs and traditions information and FREE related BBC television listings. BBC Languages also offers current relevant topics like Christmas phrases or summer sports.

This is an incredible FREE service from the BBC! Take advantage of it and save HUGE money! Or you can order a Rosetta Stone Internet course that would cost you $999! (That’s a sale price!) Take your pick!

Amamos la materia libre! (Spanish for We Love Free Stuff!)

Sign up for FREE Foreign Language Courses Online @ BBC!