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Free Mystery Shopper Stuff


Do you have some spare time? Are you willing to go to a business, make a purchase or interact with the employees and then fill out a detailed report or questionnaire in exchange for a FREE meal or perhaps a FREE $10 purchase made from a national retailer?

Mystery shopper programs (also called secret shopper programs) typically send periodic e-mails with available shops. They range from full service restaurants to fast food and delis (which are the best because you get FREE food) to retailers (including national office supply retailers, video game stores, electronics and cell phone stores) even credit card application booths at universities! It does require some time so it isn’t completely FREE. You have to know what you are looking for in advance (i.e. Are the employees in the proper uniform, are they suggestively selling the items that the company expects, etc.) PLUS you have to take time after the experience to answer questions to provide to the company that is paying you. Some of these are quite involved and take a significant amount time to complete.

But, time aside, if you don’t mind filling out a form you can get some great FREE stuff. A quick search of a couple of organizations found these available FREE items, among others – FREE turkey dinner with FREE mashed potatoes and FREE salad, FREE food from a Deli, FREE Lotto Tickets, FREE cash for completing a shop at a bank on a college campus, FREE product from a national electronics retailer, FREE Copies at a Print & Copy Center, FREE UPS Shipping, a FREE cell phone case, FREE Office Supplies, FREE Dinner at a Seafood Restaurant or an Italian Restaurant & more!  They all require you to fill out a questionairre and to follow very specific guidelines.  But, you get some FREE stuff in the process!

Many Secret Shopper companies pay via PayPal and generally does so within a couple of weeks. Simply fill out the reports online and scan the receipt for the FREE item to get reimbursed. The quicker you fill it out the quicker you get FREE funds!  Be aware that most Secret Shops require that surveys be completed within 24 hours to ensure the experience is fresh in your mind. 

All in all, if you are willing to follow the details and guidelines you come out a winner with FREE items and FREE money!

A word of caution –
A Google search found over 2 million links for “Mystery Shopper.”  How do you know what company to choose?  There are companies that charge you a fee to be able to mystery shop for them.  Stay away from those companies. Also, avoid any mystery shopper company that solicits members through emails. Make sure that you are able to talk to a real person and that they are willing to answer questions and speak to you on the phone. Do an internet search for the name of the company followed by “scam” to see what info you can locate, if any. You could also call the Better Business Bureau to get FREE information about the copmany. You are doing this to get FREE stuff not to blow cash.  There are legitimate Mystery/Secret Shopper companies out the that are willing to talk to you and have you complete shops for FREE product, services and cash.  DO NOT PAY TO BE A MEMBER of any secret shopping organization.