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Free Oil Change

These days many dealers will throw in a FREE oil change or two when you purchase a new vehicle. But what if you didn’t get such a sweet deal or you purchased a used vehicle?

Don’t worry, you can get a no obligation, no strings attached, FREE oil change from a car dealer. All that you have to do is register your vehicle with this FREE oil change program that refers you! Visit Your FREE Oil Change to register!

What’s the catch? For you, nothing! Again, this is no obligation, no purchase required, no strings attached. Dealers pay for your lead. If they can get you in the door and show you the level of service and professionalism they offer they can turn you into a future customer. When you take your vehicle in for service they may perform a FREE vehicle inspection and provide you with a FREE appraisal of your auto’s value based on the Kelly Blue Book. They simply ask that when you do need the recommended service (which may or may not be when you have your oil changed for FREE) that you keep them in mind and schedule the maintenance with them.

It is less expensive for a dealer to pay for your FREE oil change than it is to pay for advertising to get you in their door. They truly believe that if they show you a great experience that you will have some loyalty to them. Typically, customers are very loyal to the company that they buy cars from. The value of your business for an extended period of time (or the rest of your life) is invaluable. Plus the word of mouth advertising that you can provide based on a great customer service experience with them in priceless! So $35 up front is a great investment.

Some of the dealers will even provide you with FREE vouchers for FREE oil changes that you can pass out to your family and friends. Many will also send you a FREE periodic newsletter with car maintenance info and discount offers.

A word of caution, car dealers are in the business of making money. At some point your FREE oil change may seem like a sales pitch. Remember that you are under no obligation to do any further business with the dealer. If you are happy with the service and the experience, by all means, bring your future car care business to this dealer.

This program may not be available in all areas – but hey, it’s FREE and worth a shot!