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FREE Pearl Earrings

Currently, when you request a Diamonds Gold Purchase Program Packet from Helzberg Diamonds, not only will they send you a FREE packet of information about how to exchange your gold in a safe, secure, and risk free way, but they will also send you a FREE pair of pearl earrings!

Here’s the catch – you do actually have to send them some gold.  It doesn’t matter how much.  Even a small amount.  Then you have to accept or decline their offer to buy it.  Whether you accept or decline they will send you a certificate for a FREE pair of freshwater pearl earrings.  Obviously, if you decline the offer they will send the certificate along with your gold that you send them.  If you accept the offer they will send you a check along with the certificate for the FREE earrings.

Gold is at an all time high right now.  So, give it some serious thought.  Do you have some jewelry sitting in a jewelry box that you never wear?  Could you use that money toward something else?  … a new television?  … a house payment?  … a down payment on a new car?  … groceries?  … vacation money?  Think about it! PLUS, you’ll get a FREE pair of pearl earrings!

The program itself is pretty secure and Helzberg Diamonds is a reputable company so it’s a safe bet.  You might be suprised how much your gold is worth.

Helzberg Diamonds Gold Purchase Program or call 1-877-851-1505

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