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Reassure makes bladder control products including underwear, pads, liners and washcloths.

Rely on Reassure products for the protection they need and the security and comfort they deserve.

You can request FREE samples of 2 of their products from the following:

  • Premium Overnight Briefs
  • Overnight Briefs
  • Overnight Underwear
  • Underwear for Men
  • Maximum Underwear for Men
  • Underwear Moderate
  • Underwear Maximum
  • Belted Undergarments
  • Easy-Tab Undergarments
  • Premium Cotton Pad, Moderate Plus
  • Premium Cotton Pad, Ultimate
  • Premium Cotton Comfort Liner
  • Cotton Pads, Moderate
  • Liner Light
  • Liner Pads
  • Moderate Pads
  • Moderate Plus Pads
  • Heavy Pads
  • Heavy Plus Pads
  • Ultimate Pads
  • Premium Overnight Pads
  • Guards for Men
  • Moderate Booster Pads
  • Maximum Booster Pads
  • Premium Underpants with Tapes
  • Premium Underpants
  • Standard Underpants
  • Dry Washcloths
  • Travel Pack Washcloths

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