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You never know when you might need to have some first aid supplies ready to use at a moment’s notice.

More importantly, you don’t want to realize that you don’t have a first aid kit, when you really need one.

So, take advantage of this opportunity to get one FREE and have it handy, just-in-case.

HURRY and request your FREE First Aid Kit Sample from 4imprint!

Your sample kit will include

  • five 1″ x 3″ fabric bandages
  • gauze
  • blistex packet
  • emergen-C packet
  • first aid quick facts card
  • cold and flu quick facts guide
  • disposable thermometer
  • two wet wipes
  • tissue pack
  • cold relief tab packet

Perfect for your car’s glovebox or a backpack!

You will have to register with 4imprint and provide your telephone number.

Request your FREE Sample right now

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