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OK – this isn’t really a FREE Sample for you, it’s for you to give to someone else!

Spot a kind act, give a Kind Snack!

Send someone a FREE #kindawesome card for performing some act of kindness.  That person will receive an email with a #kindawesome card attached that is redeemable for a FREE Kind Snack to celebrate their kindness!  SWEET!


They arrived in about a week – 2 BARS! I couldn’t wait, I ate one before I could take a picture.  It was tasty! 🙂

You can send as many FREE #kindawesome cards as you would like. Request more by sending them an email.

If you are lucky, maybe someone will send one to you for your kind act of sending them a FREE #kindawesome card with a FREE Kind Snack! But only if you are kind! Or perhaps you saw yourself doing something kind.

It does not specifically say that you will receive a FREE Kind Snack BAR, but that is what they are known for.

Offer valid While Supplies Last