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Free Shopping App Free Money

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the iPhone!

Here’s one of the reasons why …

I have a FREE app called ShopSavvyicon on my iPhone.  It is a Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader that helps me find the best prices on products that I buy.  Basically, it’s a comparison shopping tool.

Here’s how it works …

I was in Best Buy looking for a new case for my iPad.  I found this Targus case that I really wanted that Best Buy had for $59.99.  It’s the Targus Versavu for iPad 3 and iPad 4th Generation.

I bought it and I really like it.  However, when I got home I started to think, I bet I could have gotten this cheaper if I bought it online.  So,

► I opened the FREE ShopSavvyicon App on my iPhone,


► Scanned the barcode and waited for a few seconds and …


► Voila!  Amazon sells the same exact case for only $32.86!  That’s nearly HALF the price. ($59.99 – $32.86 = $27.13 less)


► Luckily for me Best Buy matches online prices to a handful of big online retailers, Amazon included.  They also match online prices to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Other retailers are matching internet prices as well – Fry’s Electronics and Target.  This curbs “showrooming” which is the practice of consumers going to a physical store to view an item and then purchasing it from an online retailer at a cheaper price.

► I went back to Best Buy, receipt in hand and my phone with the ShopSavvy screen available for the associate to view.  The employee painlessly, quickly and without question credited the difference back to me.  I saved $28.83 with tax.  (Note that the employee mistakenly credited me for a price match of $32.99 as opposed to $32.86.  I wasn’t going to squabble over the 13¢.)


I typically will scan the products in the store so that I do not have to have a credit issued after the fact.  At Best Buy the whole process is seamless and can be handled while you check out with the cashier.  Their computers are set up to do the price override.  You just have to be able to show them the price on your phone.

That $28.83 that I got back, FREE money, will pay for a good chunk of my phone bill!

FREE ShopSavvyicon App for iPhone

FREE ShopSavvy App for Android

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