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Free Teeth Whitening Strips

FREE Teeth Whitening Strips from Smile Bright

Here’s how to get it:

► Sign up for an account at SaveMore – when you sign up you will get a FREE $10 credit applied toward your new account.

► Find the FREE Teeth Whitening Strips – it might be located in the right sidebar.

► Purchase a FREE Teeth Whitening Strips Voucher with your FREE $10 credit. The Voucher is only $7.00 so you will still have $3.00 in your account after your purchase.

► You will be able to redeem your FREE voucher after 9/10, at 12pm CST.  Expires March 10, 2012, on the Smile Bright Web Site.

FREE Shipping is included.

►  You will receive one FREE set,a 7 day treatment, of Smile Bright Teeth Whitening Strips for only $7 ($29.99 value).   Of course the $7 will come from your FREE $10 Credit for signing up with  SaveMore .

Simple as that – Sign up for your SaveMore Account now!