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Walmart has this awesome new tool to help you get some FREE money back when you shop with them.

It’s called Savings Catchericon.  It’s really simple and I think it’s a game changer in the retail saving game.  It’s like amped up price matching.

If a local competitor has a lower advertised price, you get an FREE eGift Card for the difference.

►►► FREE $10 of Groceries from Walmart ◄◄◄

Here’s how it works …

1 – Shop at Walmart as usual (using coupons of course)

2 – Find the Bar Code or QR Code on receipt

3 – Enter your receipt number or scan the barcode (within 7 days) by downloading the Walmart App – I takes just a second to scan it (literally) and save!

Walmart – Savings Catcher Apple iPhone App

Walmart – Savings Catcher Android App

Free Walmart Savings with Appicon


4 – Walmart will search prices of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product

5 – If Walmart’s Savings Catchericon finds a lower advertised price, you get the difference

Walmart does all the work for you!  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Shop – Scan – Save (more)!

It will take a couple of days to get a reply back about your savings.  But it is worth the wait.

The receipt that I scanned earned me an extra $1.87 for FREE.  I had no idea that the items that they found lower prices on were on advertised at a lower sale price locally.

If I go every week and save an extra $1.87 that equals $97.24 per year in FREE Savings that Walmart “caught” for me.

Here’s the COOLEST part though – Walmart will place that saved amount on a Walmart eGift Card or an AMEX Bluebird card to spend on anything you want!

FREE Cash Savings from Walmart

FYI – you can scan receipts that aren’t yours – family, friends, those found in the parking lot, etc.  You could probably stand at the door and ask people for theirs! 🙂