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Leslie Royal is a professional freelance writer and blogger.  Her blog, Leslie’s Lane, is informational, educational, and inspirational.

Leslie’s Lane provides practical assistance in the area of jobs, discounts, free stuff, scholarships, internships, travel, and a wealth of other information that individuals find helpful in their daily lives.

Leslie’s new book, Leslie’s Lane: The Book! is her printed version and reference guide of her popular blog.

I am honored to be included in her resourceful book – that you can buy right now.

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Perspective & Words of Advice
from Leslie’s Lane: The Book!
FREE Stuff Expert

There are two great ways to maximize the number of freebies you receive.  First, follow and monitor “free stuff” websites like Freebie depot or Fat Wallet.  They scour the web and find all the offers and essentially do the work for you.  Second, sign up for sample box sites that work directly with multiple major manufacturers to get samples directly to consumers.  PINCHme and Sample Source are great sites that send you boxes of samples (often with ten or more products) on a monthly basis. Most sites that list free offers also have daily e-mail newsletters.  Since samples are often claimed quickly, these mailing lists will keep you abreast of offers as they become available – giving you the best shot at success.  Sign up for your favorite brand, retailer or restaurant’s e-mail list.  Most companies market directly to consumers via e-mail offering free coupons, new product samples, recipes and other special discounts and promotions.  Often these are exclusive offer that are only provided to e-mail subscribers.  Ask.  You would be surprised what you can get for free if you simply ask.  Send an e-mail or letter asking for free samples and coupons.  When you at your favorite retailer, ask if they have any samples or freebies.  They might just give you a product to try or even a promotional t-shirt!
–  Tim Pearsall is Webmaster, Creator and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Freebie Depot.

Thanks Leslie!