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CROWDZ is an online store focused on giving the power of buying and selling back to the marketplace. This is done through the power of “Crowd Buying.” Put simply – the more buyers purchase any product, the lower price per item. SWEET!

Here’s how it works …

You will get FREE rewards when the price drops!  If you purchased an item and the price drops later, CROWDZ then credits your account for with the difference in FREE rewards to redeem toward future purchases.


There’s currently a great deal on a 5 pack – V neck T-shirts by Fruit of the Loom – $60.99 Retail Value.  Currently the product is launched for $27.99 + $2 Shipping which by itself is a great low price, and with more people buying it, they price will drop to JUST $22.99 + $2 Shipping which will result in phenomenal savings to the customers buying it.

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Offering this deal on CrowdBuy makes it the cheapest across the internet. CrowdBuy’s patented technology will push the price down as more people buy it and rewards everyone. promises to bring more and more products on CrowdBuy, with incredible savings and FREE rewards. It is the best bet, since CrowdBuy offers products at the lowest prices.



**This is a paid sponsored post that contains affiliate links and I may be compensated.

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