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Stock up on Hand Sanitizer and Wipes!

If you are lucky enough to be near a Menards (locations are mostly in the Great Lakes region) you can get an UNLIMITED amount of FREE Hand Sanitizer and Wipes.

Offer are limited to what they have in stock.

Here’s what you can get:

FREE Offers ending in February 2022

• FEBRUARY 19 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► True Wash Hand Sanitizer – 64 oz @ Menards  – NO LIMIT
• FEBRUARY 19 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Clean Cart! Handle Guard @ Menards – NO LIMIT
• FEBRUARY 19 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Hand Sanitizer – 64 oz @ Menards – NO LIMIT

FREE Offers ending in June 2022

• JUNE 30 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► D-GERM TB Germicidal Cleaner @ Menards – NO LIMIT
• JUNE 30 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► SNAPS! Wet ‘N Clean Refill Wipes – 250 Count @ Menards – NO LIMIT
• JUNE 30 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► EfferSan Multi-Purpose Effervescent Tablets – 4 Count @ Menards – NO LIMIT
• JUNE 30 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Redi Wipes – 75 Count @ Menards – NO LIMIT

FREE Offers ending in December 2022

• DECEMBER 31 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Zep Multi-Purpose Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner – GALLON @ Menards – NO LIMIT
• DECEMBER 31 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Pinalen Max Power Lavender Dreams Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes – 36 Count @ Menards – NO LIMIT

Menards rebates are SUPER EASY!  They print out a rebate receipt with your regular receipt when you pay for any eligible item(s) purchased.  You then go on line to fill in and print out the rebate form.  Then mail both pieces in to the address on the rebate form.  PLUS, if there is more than one rebate going to the same address, you can mail them in the same envelope.

Menards rebates are in the form of in store merchandise vouchers that are redeemable toward a future purchase at Menards.  Merchandise credit checks do not have expiration dates and are able to be combined for larger purchases. Rebates limited to stock on hand.  In store only.  You CAN use a rebate merchandise voucher to purchase more FREE after rebate items.