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Free iPhone Apps

Here are 4 GREAT FREE Apps that I currently have on my iPhone!

Free eBay App

FREE eBay Mobile

iconWas there ever a world without eBay?  Is there anything that you can’t buy or sell on eBay?  There are a couple of things that I really love about this FREE app. First, you can take a photo of an item with your iPhone, import it into eBay, list it and go live in just minutes, without a computer!

When you sell items you can set your phone to “ching” like a cash register every time someone bids or wins an auction.  I’ve had a couple people ask me at dinner what “that ching” sound was.  It makes selling exciting.

PLUS – you can set up notifications for items that you are watching and bidding on so that you don’t miss out on that must-have item!  You can even get notification when you are outbid and when items ship.  I buy alot on eBay, like K-cups, and I think that it is cool that you can search by scanning in UPC codes.

It’s cool that I can bid on and sell items anywhere, anytime, literally!

Free Shop Savvy App

FREE Shop Savvy

Have you ever been in a store looking at an item and though to yourself, I wonder if I can get this cheaper somewhere else?  Well, stop wondering with the FREE Shop Savvy App!

Just scan the UPC bar code on the item and the app will pull up an image of the item along with a description of the features, prices that you can purchase the item for online as well as from local retailers (using the locator feature on your phone).  It also includes reviews of the product and even, occasionally, a discount code.

This FREE app could potentially save you a ton of money!


FREE Hotel Tonight App

Looking for a last minute hotel while traveling?  This is the FREE App for you.  Hotel Tonight helps you locate nearby (using the locator feature on your phone) hotels that are available the same evening at a discount, up to 70% OFF!  They will always locate 3 hotels in the cities that they are participating in.

However, you have to search in the afternoon of the SAME DAY that you are looking to stay in a hotel.  You see, hotels don’t want empty rooms so they are willing to unload them at a steep discount just to fill them.

PLUS – I have an exclusive code that I can email you to get a FREE $25 Credit to use toward your first Hotel Tonight booking.  Just send me a quick request and I shoot it back to you.  You will just need to enter it when you sign up.  Hotel Tonight is also available for iPad and Android dervices as well.  The FREE $25 Credit Code will work for all.



I know, the Post Office isn’t very exciting.  But, at least their app is – a little.

Of course, you can locate post office branches with the app.  But you can also order FREE Supplies – Priority Mail and Express Mail Boxes and Envelopes, and you schedule a mail hold right from the app.

You can also track packages from tracking numbers that you enter or scan in off of a package – which I think is cool.  Whenever I print a label from I scan the label into my USPS Mobile app on my iPhone so that I can track it in just a few seconds where ever I happen to be.

I bet the mail lady loves this.  I can schedule a FREE pick up for Priority Mail packages too.

Between the FREE USPS Mobile App and I never have to go to the post office (because it really isn’t very exciting!).

I’d love to hear what your favorite FREE Apps are!

FREE iPhone Apps

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