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Ways to Get Cheap Baby Formula

Baby Formula is E X P E N S I V E and it’s amazing how much of that stuff such a little thing can go through!  Since it is nearly impossible to get FREE Baby Formula, the question is – How can you get cheap baby formula?

Here are 9 ways to save some dough feeding the little ones:

1 ► Baby Formula Companies

Cheap Similac Formula          Cheap Enfamil Formula        Cheap Gerber Formula

Register for the baby formula company’s e-mail and mailing lists.  They will send you the usual promotions and info.  But, most importantly they will regularly send you FREE Coupons and the occasional FREE Sample of Baby Formula.

Enfamil and Similac are both known for sending FREE high value coupons, often valued from $5 – $10!  That’s pretty much like cash!

Encourage your family members to register for these programs as well so that they can give the FREE coupons and samples to you.

Register for FREE Formula Coupons and Samples

2 ► Amazon sells everything, and generally at the best prices.  Baby formula is no exception!


If you Subscribe & Save (schedule regular monthly shipments) you will knock off 5% of the price!  PLUS – if you Subscribe and Save with 5 different items (say, formula, diapers, baby wipes and a couple of other items) you will get 15% OFF.

Keep in mind that you can cancel Amazon Subscribe & Save at any time, even after you order just one time.

Baby Formula Coupons on Amazon ◄ SAVE even more on Baby Formula with Amazon Coupons

AND – most Baby Formula on Amazon qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Amazon Enfamil Store

Enfamil Baby Formula

Similac Baby Formula

Earth’s Best Baby Formula

Gerber Baby Formula

3 ► Coupons

Free Grocery Coupons

Grocery stores regularly run sales on baby formula and the savings can be significant when you pair that savings with manufacturer coupons.   Keep an eye out for coupons at and print them so that you can use them when the sale prices are good.

It is fairly common for Enfamil and Similac to offer FREE high value baby formula coupons.  Print them when you see them because they go fast.  It might not be there tomorrow.

At least if you print it, you will have it handy when you need it for a good sale!

4 ► eBay

You can buy everything and anything on eBay, so why not baby formula!  Take a look.  Why would someone want to sell baby formula on eBay?  Some of them are retailers, some may have found a good deal on it, some found out their baby doesn’t like a particular brand and some might even be stolen.  You just never know.

When buying baby formula on eBay keep these things in mind:

– eBay prohibits selling expired products
– You will generally get a better deal if you buy larger lots
– Shipping can add a significant amount
– Buy from reputable sellers with a high feedback rating – I would recommend only buying formula from sellers with a 100% feedback rating
– Read feedback that was left already
– Bid on items that are ending soon
– Look for items that have a “Best Offer” option, many times you can make a low offer and get lucky

Search eBay for baby formula coupons and vouchers as well.  For example, in a recently ended auction $181.90 worth of  Similac coupons sold for just $88.98.  That’s the equivalent of $92.92 worth of FREE baby formula!  You can’t beat that!

5 ► Ebates

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Cash back programs will make your purchase even better!  Ebates is my favorite.

Ebates is really simple.  Once you are registered all you have to do is make your baby formula purchase through their shopping portal.  You’ll get cash back checks from them quarterly.

You will find these retailers on Ebates that sell baby formula:
– – 5% Cash Back
– Meijer – 3% Cash Back
– Sam’s Club – 1% Cash Back
– Target – 2% Cash Back
– Vitacost –  4% Cash Back
– Walgreens – 4% Cash Back
– Walmart 1% Cash Back

Ebates merchants often offer FREE Discount Promo Codes and FREE Shipping as well.

6 ► Cardpool

Cheap Baby Formula

Cardpool sells gift cards to popular retailers at a discount.  You can purchase the gift cards and then use promo codes and reward programs (Ebates) to maximize your discounts.

Here’s an example:

Target sells ENFAMIL Enfagrow Milk Drink Older Toddler – 24oz(4 pack) for $75.99

FIRST ►You can purchase Target Gift Cards from Cardpool for 3.5% OFF that will save you $2.66

PLUS ► a quick search at for a promo code saves another $5.00

THEN ►Purchase through Ebates and get 2% Cash Back or $1.42

AND ► If you have a Target Credit Card you can get another 5% back or $3.55

In total, in this scenario, you saved a total of $12.63!  That’s what I call Double Dipping, or in this case Quadruple Dipping!  CHA-CHING!

You can use your coupon code, AND go through Ebates to get your cash back, AND purchase discounted gift cards from Cardpool AND use your Target or other rewards Credit Card to save almost 17% OFF!  PLUS get it delivered for FREE!

Cardpool sells discounted gift cards to other retailers that sell baby formula, including Babies-R-Us, Kmart, Costco, Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, Whole Foods, Albertsons, HEB, Amazon, Safeway and many more!

They do not always have all retailer’s gift cards available.  But, you can set up an alert to be notified when they do become available.

7 ► Wholesale Clubs

Cheap Baby Formula Costco       Cheap Baby Formula Sams Club     Cheap Baby Formula BJs

Wholesale clubs like CostcoSam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale are awesome places to save money. And, yes, they sell baby formula!  They even have their own brands that can represent significant savings for you.  The prices below represent online prices.  I would guess that they might be a little less in a physical store because the cost of shipping is not built in to the in-club prices.

COSTCO –  Their brand, Kirkland Signature, runs about 51¢ per ounce compared to Enfamil and Similac at 94¢ or more at Costco.  That’s a savings of 45% or more!  Plus you will get an additional 2% cash back if you are an executive member making it even less.  Shipping is FREE too.

BJ’s WHOLESALE CLUB – Their brand, Berkley & Jensen Milk-Based Formula, is about 44¢ per ounce, so it’s a bit cheaper than Costco.  But shipping is NOT FREE!

SAM’S CLUB – even cheaper than Costco!  Sam’s Club brand, Simply Right, starts at just 44¢ per ounce and they ship it for FREE!  They say it will save you $644+ over the course of a year.  That’s some serious cash!  What could you buy for your baby with that kind of money?  Makes the membership price seem worthwhile when you save THAT much money, right?

8 ► Baby Showers

FREE Baby Formula

Stock up through baby showers!  Have one with family, one with friends, one at church, one at work!  Have as many as you can and be sure to register for FREE Baby Formula!  You can always sell it on eBay if you get too much!  HA!

Amazon Baby Registry

Target Baby Registry

Babies-R-Us Registry

Buy Buy Baby Registry 

9 ► Walmart

I think that everyone on the planet knows that Walmarticon has some of the best prices due to their buying power.  No coupon?  No discounted gift card?  No time to wait?  When all else fails, buy baby formula from Walmart.

Their brand, Parent’s Choiceicon, is reasonably priced.  Most is a little over 50¢ per ounce.  Plus, you can have it shipped for FREE if your order is over $45.  You can also order it online to pick up in the store. USA, LLC

PLUS ► Get $20 FREE when you spend $100 with a Walmart Discover Card AND get up to 1% back FREE on purchases with that card!

Don’t forget that you can always register for FREE Baby Formula from family, friends and co-workers at baby showers! Walmart Baby Registry

That should help you save some money on Baby Formula!

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