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I have made a reasonable living as a blogger/influencer for many years.  Everyone is always curious as to how you can make money with a blog or website.

The simple answer is, I make money through marketing opportunities. In other words, an Influencer Agency, like ShopHer Media, is a marketing partner and network that enables me to make money by leveraging the trust of my audience.

ShopHer Media Influencer Agency is one influencer network that I have had a relationship with for years. The agency essentially acts as a middle man between large companies (that want to market their products and services) and influencers, the people that have built unique audiences that have social media clout and followers.  The agency acts on behalf of both parties to create content that benefits both parties, generating income for the influencer and a new customer base for the marketing company.

ShopHer Media is a full-service, performance driven influencer marketing platform ideal for brands in search of an influencer marketing solution. Whether you’re a brand on the hunt for new influencers or an influencer searching for new opportunities to engage your readers, let ShopHer Media expert account managers help ensure your objectives are met.

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