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Check out these great FREE After Rebate (a.k.a. FREEbates) Offers sorted by expiration date.  Take advantage, sooner rather than later, and don’t let the FREE After Mail In Rebate offers slip by!  Check this master list of FREE After MIR rebates regularly as it will be constantly updated with the latest and greatest FAR Offers and Try Me FREE Deals!

FREE After Rebate Items are one of my favorite ways to build FREE Frequent Flyer Miles or credit rewards and miles. You can often donate these items to charity or even sell them on eBay.
NoteALL rebate offers are subject to change/termination without notice.  It is highly recommended that you read all of the details and maintain copies of all documentation.  All offers are valid as of the original post date and are subject to change without notice.




 FREE AFTER REBATE ► Nightfood Nighttime Ice Cream Pint
 FREE AFTER REBATE ► Top-Selling Brands and Products
 FREE AFTER REBATE ► $10 Worth of Makeup or Beauty Products
• FREE AFTER REBATE ► 40 lb. Bag of Kitty Litter

FREE Offers ending in July 2020

 JULY 12 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► CAULIPOWER Pizza or Crusts$7.99 Value
 JULY 12 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► 2 Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Jerky @ Walmart$4.98 Value Each
 JULY 12 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► $15 to Spend at Walgreens
 JULY 15 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► $20 Item from Nordstrom Rack
 JULY 21 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Diapers from The Honest Company$10.95 Value
 JULY 24 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Aspercreme LIMIT 2 $13.99 Value Each
 JULY 25 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Pringles Wavy @ Walmart
 JULY 31 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► FULL-SIZED Puracy Cleaning or Personal Care Product from Target

FREE Offers ending in August 2020

 AUGUST 4 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► 4 Bottles of Healthy Choice Power Dressing @ Walmart
 AUGUST 14 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► Core Organic Hydration Drink

FREE Offers ending in October 2020

 OCTOBER 31 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► EPIC Pork Rinds @ Walmart$3.28 Value

FREE Offers ending in November 2020

 NOVEMBER 30 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt
 NOVEMBER 30 ► FREE AFTER REBATE ► CORE Foods Overnight Oat Bar @ Walmart


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We may earn a commission from affiliate links in this post.

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TOP DEAL >>>>> EIGHT FREE Grocery Items! $17+ Value

We may earn a commission from affiliate links in this post.

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FREE ► Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Burgers – 2 Patty Pack – $4.50 Value – Exp 7/24/20

FREE ► KIND Nut Butter Bar$2.49 Value – Exp 9/15/20

FREE ► Wallaby Organic Aussie Greek Yogurt$1.79 Value – Exp 12/31/20

FREE ► Core Organic Hydration – $2.50 Value – Exp 7/10/20

FREE ► So Delicious Dairy Free Coconutmilk or Oatmilk Yogurt Alternative – $1.99 Value – Exp 7/28/20

FREE ► Kite Hill Blissful Coconut Milk Yogurt – $1.99 Value – Exp 7/26/20

FREE ► Charles & Alice Kids! Fruit Probiotics$1.24 Value – Exp 8/5/20

FREE ► Greek Gods Less Sugar Keto Friendly Yogurt$1.28 Value – Exp 7/22/20

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FREE Duracell AA & AAA Multi-Pack Batteries! LIMIT 2 – Exp 6/27/20

We may earn a commission from affiliate links in this post.


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