Top 10 FREE Christmas Gifts

There’s no need to overspend for Christmas! In fact, you can probably cross quite a few people off your list if you take advantage of these FREE Christmas Gift Offers!

1 FREE Travel Gift Set

Free Travel Gift

Take all of those sample sized things that you got FREE over the course of the year and make a FREE travel basket! See if you have something around the house: an unused flower pot like I used above, a basket or a nice gift bag (reuse one, don’t buy a new one) and arrange all of the FREE toothpaste, FREE shampoo, FREE hotel soaps and lotions to make a nice presentation. Viola! A great gift! Use those FREE coupons Bath and Body Works (you know the ones I’m talking about) to get FREE travel sizes of their items to use too! Even throw in a FREE perfume sample or two that you can get FREE just for asking at you local department store cosmetics counter.


FREE Portrait of Kids for Grandparents

 Free Portrait

Sears Portrait Studios is offering a FREE 10×13 Collage or Composite Print with coupon.  This is a value of up to $44.98!   You could do one child, a group of children or the whole family!  Choose from black & white, sepia, vignette, border or personalization.  No purchase is necessary and there us no session fee.  It’s completely FREE!  The coupon is valid through 12/31/10.  Read the details on the coupon or call 888-Portrait for more information. 



Everyone eats, right?  So who doesn’t like FREE food? has this great program called Feed It Forward.  It allows you to give FREE $10 Gift Certificates to your friends and family every day until the end of the year.  You can give up to 40 FREE $10 Gift Certificates every day!  Start Feeding It Forward Now!


4 FREE Personalized Products

For a limited time, get 10 Holiday Products- FREE!

Ten FREE Holiday Products! FREE Products that are perfect for the holidays! Choose from FREE Mug, FREE Holiday Rubber Stamp, FREE Holiday Cards, FREE Calendars, FREE Photo Flipbooks, FREE Business Cards, FREE Return Address Labels and More! Ships in as few as 3 days!  


FREE Canvas Print

Free Canvas Print

Got a Phenomenal Photo? Turn it into art on a canvas! FREE personalized artwork is a FANTASTIC Christmas gift! A photo of a pet or a loved one turned into a piece of FREE art that will last for years to come is PERFECT! I made one of my favorite vacation to Hawaii (sunset and palm trees), I look at it and I wish I was there! WOW! I love it!


FREE Business Cards

100 FREE Business cards- 240x120 

Of course you can do the standard old business cards for dad’s business or you can make networking cards.  But, I challenge you to think outside the box!  What else can you put on FREE business cards – FREE birth announcements, FREE party invitations, FREE save the date cards or FREE favorite quote cards.  What about your kid’s accomplishments – a picture of your son in his baseball uniform after he won MVP with his name and the title and date of the award?

I’m getting FREE mini recipe cards made for my mom with her favorite cookie recipe on it!  Now when she makes cookies for a gathering she’ll be able to pass them out on a cute little card!  Everyone will be so impressed!

Order your FREE business cards from Overnight Prints – Get 100 FREE Business Cards + 2 Free Upgrades at


FREE Photo Book

Free Photobook!

This one will take you some time. Create a FREE custom memory book! Collect photos, theater tickets, letters, cards, etc. scan them and create a professionally printed and bound book. This is something that will be cherished forever! On the last page you could put something like “With Love from Mary – Christmas 2010.” I did one of past vacations and titled it “The Places We’ve Been” It was a HUGE hit! And it was FREE to boot! offers you 4 FREE photo books every month!  They call them HotBooks. A HotBook is a 16-page photo book (including the covers) that you can design and create yourself online, using your own photos. It can be customized and personalized as per your creativity. It measures 8″ wide by 10″ high.  Plus they are FREE!


FREE Tools

Free Tools

Menards has tons of FREE After Rebate offers every week.  Start buying them now and put them all in a bucket.  Once the bucket is full put it in a garbage bag and tie it with a red ribbon!  Voila!  Instant FREE Christmas gift for dad or any tool fanatic!  Don’t worry about whether or not they will use the items – they WILL find a way to use it all!

Although I don’t have a bucket yet (I have to go to the dollar store to buy one) I have quite a few items to put in it when I do including a Tape Measure, a Clamp, a Screwdriver, an Eyewear Clean & Repair Kit, a Tarp, a Caulk Tool, Gloves, a Lint Roller, a Pencil, Flashlight and Paint Brushes among other things!  All for FREE!

Check the current Menards flyer to see what they currently have FREE After Rebate.


FREE Silver Jewelry

What woman wouldn’t love a piece of jewelry for Christmas? Get exquisite silver jewelry for FREE! You don’t have to tell her it was FREE!!! Also a great FREE gift for teachers or babysitters!

Silver Jewelry Club offers a constantly changing selection of FREE silver jewelry including earrings, rings, pendants and more!  Free Jewelry!!! No Gimmicks, No Catch, Real Deal


10 FREE eCards

Free Christmas eCards

Send everyone that you know a FREE Christmas eCard! Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Everyone loves to get nice sentimental cards, plus you don’t have to spend a penny on a stamp.  Send FREE Christmas Cards!


FREEBIES for Artists

FREE Art Supplies

Are you an artist? Do you want to be an artist? Or, do you want to get some FREE Art Supplies for Teachers? Here’s a list of some great FREE resources and FREE Art Supplies to get you started:


FREE ART CLASSES – Learn how to draw and paint for FREE! The FREE online tutorials are from top quality artists and offer FREE instruction on watercolor, oil and acrylic painting, drawing and sketching. The tutorials are great step by step guides that include images of the progress. There are also FREE tutorials on Art Theory. Why pay for art classes you you can take FREE art lessons on line?

FREE DRAWING TUTORIALS – delivered to your email! Sent to you by an artist, Darrel Tank, in Idaho, the FREE lessons reveal his 5 pencil method of drawing. You’ll get a new FREE drawing lesson sent to you every couple of days.

FREE ART FOR KIDS – KinderArt is an awesome tool for parents and teachers. They offer hundreds of FREE Art projects for Kids in all media including FREE painting projects, FREE Architecture Lessons, FREE Summer Camp Crafts, FREE Scupture Activities and many, many more! It appears that most projects have a FREE printable version and there’s even a FREE newsletter! What a great resource!

FREE VIDEO ART LESSONS – Jerry’s Artarama has some cool FREE lessons on video that you can view on demand. There are FREE video lessons instructing you how to draw human figures and faces as well as general informational ones about technique and creativity. Check out these FREE painting and drawing lessons!

FREE OIL PAINTING LESSONS – 12 FREE Sample lessons specifically about oil painting technique.

FREE ART INSTRUCTION FOR BEGINNERS – A site filled with FREE lessons and FREE art resources for the begining artist. This is a GREAT place to start! There’s also a FREE eBook, “Inside The Artist’s Studio” that includes instructional demos from real artists. The book is delivered FREE to your email instantly.


CRAIGSLIST – Search the FREE section of Craiglist. You might occassionally find FREE paint or FREE traditional art supplies. However, use your creativity and think outside the box! I just searched and found some things that could be used in projects – FREE confetti for craft projects, FREE Paint, a FREE “How to Draw” Book and FREE Bamboo that could be used for something cool! Do a search for “art” or “paint” to see what you can find in the FREE section!

Criags List also devotes an entire Community Section to Artists! Anything art related can be posted here for FREE! People do list FREE supplies, FREE artwork, FREE job postings and FREE advertisements for art and art shows. You could also place a post here requesting FREE art supplies and materials.

HOW TO GET FREE ART SUPPLIES – Check out these FREE practical ideas from eHow.

FREE PAPER SAMPLES – Most Paper Manufacturers will send you FREE samples if you request them by email. Try Wausau Paper!

FREE SUPPLIES – when you complete offers. Some people don’t mind doing these kinds of things to get FREE stuff. If it’s not your thing, don’t worry!




Do you print color documents? Would you be interested in getting a FREE printer? Not a FREE HP Printer or a FREE Epson Printer or even a FREE Canon Printer, but a top of the line FREE Xerox Color Printer for your office or organization. Xerox offers this great program to get a FREE Laser Printer Apply Now to the Program

Xerox FreeColorPrinters

Your FREE Xerox Phaser 8560DN solid ink color printer provides professional quality printing without the hassle of leaving your office and prints up to 30 pages per minute in color. It includes one of the fastest processors and high capacity memory. You can even have them print a FREE Custom Print Sample from your file. I ordered a FREE print sample and was very impressed with the quality. They even send it FREE via FedEx 2nd Day shipping.

The FREE Printer also includes
FREE Solid ink rainbow pack (one stick of each color)
FREE Shipping
FREE 3 year on-site service agreement

Features of your FREE Xerox Phaser 8560 printer
• Color: up to 30 pages per minute (fastest in its class)
• Maximum paper size: 8.5 x 14 in. / A4
• Paper capacity: 625 sheets standard
• Processor: 600 MHz (fastest in its class)
• Memory: 256 MB standard (most in its class)
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 16 x 21 x 14.5 in.
FREE Built-in networking
FREE 3-year on-site service warranty

Get a FREE Color Printer from Xerox! Sign Up Now!