FREE Things to do on Kauai, Hawaii


Kauai, Hawaii, the Garden Isle is an expensive little island but it certainly doesn’t have to be.  There are enough FREE activities to keep you and your family occupied for the duration of a vacation to this paradise. (more…)

FREE Things to do in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Like most big cities, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, can be a pricey place to visit.

And, it’s a beautiful, clean city with great attractions, food and culture.  But, there are MANY FREE things to see and do there.  Check out these FREE Things to do in Toronto.


Best FREE Rewards Credit Cards


If you aren’t using a credit card that earns you rewards, points or cashback – you are out of your mind!

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I haven’t paid for airfare in years because I always use a credit card that earns miles to get FREE Airfare.  In fact, I ask my family and friends if I can charge large purchases for them to get the points and they just give me the cash to pay it.

I am one of those people that opens many new accounts to get the MASSIVE new account bonuses – they often are enough to pay for a flight on their own.

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There’s even a card on the list that you get a 50,000 mile bonus!

Many cards now allow you to apply the miles toward any airline and even merchandise!

If travel isn’t your thing, there’s always the cashback cards – they give you a percentage of your purchases back as a FREE Cash Reward, or often you can apply it toward your account balance.

From my personal experience, you do get a little more for your money with the travel cards as opposed to the cashback cards.

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You really NEED to have a FREE Reward Credit Card unless you are terrible at managing your credit.