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Do you remember this clip from Seinfeld?

Are you a Double Dipper?

George Costanza on Seinfeld is caught “double dipping” like there’s something wrong with it.  I’m here to tell you that Double Dipping, even Triple Dipping, is just fine by me.  I actually expect it!

What, exactly, do I mean?  Double Dipping is combining marketing discounts, coupons, programs and rewards to get the absolute most that you can for your hard earned dollars.

Here’s a simple example:

You want to purchase an electronic items from Best Buy.  Obviously, you can’t get the item for FREE so you might as well get whatever FREE perks you can when you purchase it.  So, use your My Best Buy Rewards account to get FREE reward points for your purchase.  In addition, use a miles or points earning credit card to get FREE rewards through your credit card company.  Dip #1 – My Best Buy Rewards,  Dip #2 – Credit Card Points ► Double Dipping.

Pretty Simple, huh?

Take it a step further – Triple Dip, if you will.
Make that purchase through online reward portal MyPoints and select in-store purchase.  This will then also give you  points for MyPoints to earn FREE Gift Cards.

Now you are getting FREE points with 3 separate programs. Triple Dipping!

Use an online coupon code from Retail Me Not – now you are taking advantage of 4 savings/rewards opportunities.  Quadruple Dipping!

OH!  I forgot!

Let’s make it Quintuple Dipping.  Purchase discounted Gift Cards for Best Buy (and many other retailers) from Cardpool.  You can save up to 35% on Gift Card purchases.

Got it.  Double Dipping is combining savings/rewards to maximize the benefits for you.

Here’s a list of the places that I utilize to Double Dip on a regular basis:

Ebates – Cash back for purchases made through their portal – Ebates can save alot of money when booking travel through Priceline PLUS I love getting checks from them in the mail!
Retail Me Not – Comprehensive listing of online coupon/discount codes for just about everywhere
MyPoints – Rewards and shopping portal.  Earn points to redeem for gift cards to retailers and restaurants
Google – when all else fails search for ways to save at the retailer on Google
Reward Credit Cards
My Best Buy Rewards
Airline/Hotel Miles Programs

I love to Double Dip.  Just call me George.