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Over 300 Million people suffer from chronic Dry Eyes and women are affected twice as often as men. If your eyes often feel scratchy, tired or painful you could have chronic dry eyes.

For decades, doctors believed that dry eyes were a result of an inability to produce enough tears to keep our eyes lubricated. As a result, the optical industry created “artificial tears” to replace the moisture that they believed the eye was lacking. But in 2017 a global team of researchers proved that over 85% of all dry eye cases are actually not caused by an inability to produce tears…the problem is that the tears we produce are evaporating too fast. Excess evaporation is caused by a blockage in the eyelid glands that produce oils that coat our eyes to hold in our natural tear film. Doctors now agree that people suffering from evaporative dry eye need to use warm compresses and cleaning wipes on their eyelids…every day. But most people don’t want spend 20 minutes wearing a microwaved mask or be forced to use eye drops many times a day for temporary relief. So a doctor in London invented a solution that makes it convenient and easy to treat the real root cause of dry eyes. He created the world’s first combination self-heating eye compress and pre-moistened eyelid cleaning pad and named it EverTears™. After clinical testing proved successful, Dr. Guillon brought EverTears to the US where it is currently sold in leading dry eye care practices across the country for $40 per box of 30 compresses.

We are looking for people with dry eyes to try EverTears FREE for two weeks and tell us their experience. It’s easy to request your free sample box. Just click and go to and answer a few questions. If you are selected, you’ll get an email with a personal code and instructions on how to get your sample box shipped to your home. After you’ve used EverTears twice a day for two weeks, you’ll just provide us with your feedback.

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